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About Me

I may live in Colorado now but I promise you, I am and always will be a Southern girl.  I grew up in a very small North Carolina town that I think framed me more than anything else in my life.  There's nothing like a small town, that's why I continue to live in one today.  This one just happens to be at 9,000 feet in the middle of the Rocky Mountains!

My two boys are my heart.  Jackson is five and Trey is two.  My husband Travis is one of the very best father's I've ever seen and I feel so lucky that my children will know him as Daddy and I get to know him as Hubby.  

I'm a full time working mom which suits me just fine.  If I was a stay at home mom I'm not quite sure I could maintain any level of sanity.  

My very favorite things in the world: my children's laughter, snowboarding, a good bottle of wine, mountains, beaches, finding myself in the middle of nowhere, hiking, camping, fresh food, sweet tea, bbq (Carolina of course), the Denver Broncos, basketball, fall, reality television, chick fila, sweet potato pie, jeans, flip flops, crab legs, reading, writing, a good movie, travel, and my family.

My least favorite things in the world: cleaning, do it yourself tv shows, spicy foods, liars, cheap beer, wearing suits, wearing heels, grilled chicken, black & white movies, people who always have a story to match your story, Barney, the Wiggles, fruit, Jay Cutler, the University of North Carolina, talking on the telephone, milk and potty training.

Life has been more than good to me and I couldn't be more thankful.  It's not always perfect, but what is?