Mommy's Juice!: What Is This Place???   

Friday, October 9, 2015

What Is This Place???

Living in the rural mountains of Colorado, a trip to the city with my kids is always an adventure! We try to get down to Denver a few times each year for a football game or visit to the zoo, and every time they are amazed by the most common things. (Don't even get me started on the day that they realized some McDonalds had playgrounds!)

Our latest trip introduced them to something most of you probably visit on a weekly basis:

Jackson (as he stares in wonder): "Mom, what is this place?"

Me (in my, "what are you stupid" tone of voice): "It's a mall."

Trey (also staring in wonder): "Have I ever been to one of these before?"

Me (after thinking for a long time): "No, I guess you haven't."

How can I have a 7 year old son who has NEVER been to a mall? Granted, normally I try to leave the kids with their Dad when I go shopping in the big city, but really, these guys don't know what a mall is? How are these my children!!! 

By the time they realized the mall was full of goodies like merry-go-rounds, an indoor putt-putt course and a video arcade, they thought they had died and gone to Heaven. And I must admit, so did I. Having these things to keep them busy while I ran up my credit card balance at the Gap, Express, Victoria's Secret and multiple shoe stores was a lot like Heaven to me too.

We left with them begging to go back the next day, which I was more than happy to oblige, and headed to our hotel only to be asked:

Trey: "What is that yellow thing with all the writing on the side and why are those people getting in the back seat?"

We seriously have to get out more!


  1. Yet another story that made me laugh! The end was hilarious! I love your stories!

  2. Love this. And while your kids need to get out more? Mine need to get out less...I'd have a lot more money if they didn't know what a mall was...