Mommy's Juice!: December 2014   

Thursday, December 4, 2014

We've Gotta Get Out More!

Living far from family is a bummer. You miss hanging out with them, you miss their home cooking, you miss free baby-sitting.... Okay, so it's the free baby sitting I miss the most, can you blame me? Unfortunately I still haven't been able to find reliable baby sitters. They've all come and gone faster than I can get the kids to remember their names. Which makes a night out for the hubby and I a mere illusion of something that happened a long, long time ago.

Recently I did a favor for one of my son's teachers and in return she offered to baby sit. Normally the only time I go out of my way to schedule a sitter is if Travis or I have a work commitment. With no work commitments on the horizon I realized we could actually take the night to do WHATEVER WE WANTED!!!! And what I wanted, more than anything, was dinner and a movie. 

The last time we went to dinner and movie was in 2007. Yes, 2007! When we got into the theater my husband sat down in one of their cush seats and asked, "when did they get these?" Uh... three years ago. (I only know this because I've taken a few naps in the seats for such wonderful performances as The Lego Movie).

We went to see Gone Girl, which even with the early show didn't end until after 9pm. As we were leaving I asked Travis if he wanted to go grab a bite to eat. His response... "do you think anyone is still serving?" WE HAVE GOT TO GET OUT MORE!!!

Upon arriving to one of our favorite restaurants, for the first time with no kids on our side since Jackson was born, Travis was shocked to hear that we'd have to wait on a table. As if we were the only two people in town that could have possibly still been looking for food at that time on a Friday night!!

I ate as slowly as I could, trying to enjoy every second of the freedom I'd missed. Hell, I even made Travis hold my hand at one point, an action that would have sent our two boys in hysterics had they been there. In fact, they probably would have found the entire night funny. Why in the world would Mommy and Daddy want to hang out without us? That couldn't possibly be any fun! Guess what kiddo's - it was fun and now that I remember how fun it is to hang out WITHOUT YOU I intend to go baby sitter hunting.