Mommy's Juice!: June 2014   

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Raising a Lady's Man

A friend recently asked Jackson if the girl he was playing with was his "girlfriend."  Needless to say this question for a six year old boy is right in line with asking a woman of my age and size, "are you pregnant?" Embarrassing!!!!

So here we are at the "boy's rule, girl's drool" stage. Dolls are stupid, anything pink must not even touch their manly sensitive skin, and even though both of my kids can sing every word of "Let it Go," by heart, Princess' are far inferior to dragons and legos! Being the only girl in my house I should probably take offense to my children's sudden disgust of anything having to do with the female species. But they're young! I'm sure my dad ignored by "girl's rule, boy's drool" days too. I've just been taking it all lightly, knowing one day when I've got a 15 year old's dad knocking on my front door that I'll wish they still didn't like girls!

My lightness took a sudden turn last night though as they boys were exchanging their usual jabs at each other:

Trey: "You smell like butt crack!"
Jackson: "You eat your boogers!"
Trey: "You like stinky girls!"
Jackson: "You bite girls butt's!"
Trey: "You....." 
HOLD UP!!!!! Did I just hear "bite girls butt's?" Okay, maybe we've gone a bit far here. I'm not raising the next Marv Albert am I??????

Time for Mom to step in, teach a little respect, explain why girls in fact don't stink as bad as boy's do and that girl's butt's are not made for biting but little boy's who say such nasty things just might have butt's made for spanking. After receiving "yes m'ams" from around the table I went back to my business, only to hear a whispering smirk behind me, "Mommy's your girlfriend!" Hands down, the best insult of the night!