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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Grab A Glass & Join Me!

Anyone there???? It's been a long time since I visited this spot. Funny how you can just be going along with your day to day and then realize, wait something's missing here. What has been missing for me lately is this little blog I call my release. Release from my full-time job, release from my two little devils, release from the constant comings and goings of a day.

I actually didn't realize this was what was missing until one morning last week. For once I actually had a few minutes to kill before running out of the house to a meeting so I turned on the Today Show. Sipping coffee I heard from the television the words "mommy's juice." Hey, wait a minute, I'm Mommy's Juice! The report I was overhearing was about a rise in the trend of mother's who drink (DUH) and how common it is now for children's playgroups to include a bottle of wine for the moms (just one??), hence, "Mommy's Juice."

Well no way in hell am I going to let Matt Lauer steal my thunder. I am Mommy's Juice and just because I took a little unintended break doesn't mean I don't have a boat load of ridiculous stories to share with the world. So grab a glass of wine and get ready for a few well deserved laughs, tears and blurred lines!

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  1. Welcome back! I just returned to blogging after a long hiatus too. Looking forward to laughing along with you! :)

  2. It's great you've decided to continue with writing. It's such a great way to get all those thoughts out and dealt with. Keep up the good work!

  3. Awesome.
    You're right, it's funny how everything piles up and we get really busy and things that we consider our release take back burner. Glad for you, that you'll be back doing what you enjoy and sharing :-)

  4. I'm glad you remembered Mommy's Juice. We all need a way to share. When I write it helps me to release the stuff I have inside my head, so it doesn't come out of my ears. I will be back to read some of your stories! Welcome back. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

  5. I love the name of your blog! Blogging is a much-needed release for me, too - one that I didn't even know I needed until I started!