Mommy's Juice!: Whatever Will I Do Today?   

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Whatever Will I Do Today?

Have you ever woken up on a Saturday morning at say, oh 6:30am, to the sound of your children screaming at the top of their lungs, "MOMMMMMMYYYYYYY!!!" And after hearing that name that you have been given, the name that you likely hear around 9,999 times per day, you immediately grab the closest pillow and pull it over your head. Now as you lay half suffocating, in a place where the yells sound like whispers, "mommmyyyyyy," you remember a time when you didn't have to get up at 6:30am on a weekend morning. A time when 10am seemed like the appropriate hour to get out of bed. A time when after getting out of bed at 10am you didn't have to immediately run into your kitchen and start making breakfast for two tummies that are "SOOOOO HUNGRY!" No, you could get out of bed, make a cup of coffee, lay back down on the couch and think to yourself, "whatever will I do today?"

It's a pleasurable form of torture that I practice often on the weekend's. Taking just a few minutes to myself before answering to the calls of those hungry tummies to think, "what if I didn't have kids, whatever would I do today." Last week I made plans to go on a hike after my coffee to enjoy the fall colors. Not a 20 minute "kids" hike, but a real hike, spending hours alone in the peaceful wilderness. After hiking I'd meet a girlfriend for lunch, not lunch at McDonalds but at a real restaurant, somewhere that we can split a bottle of champagne while we leisurely gossip and laugh. Then I'd head back home where the hubby and I would spend the afternoon lying on the couch watching football, maybe even taking a little nap. Later we'd get all spruced up to join friends out for cocktails, or maybe even a party. Staying out late won't matter, we's have nothing to do the next morning.

"MOMMMMYYYYY," I hear, bringing me back to reality, "we are SOOOOOOO HUNGRY!!!" And so I leave my fantasty land and start the day that is destined to look a little more like this:
Feed the kids
Play soccer with the kids
Build the kids a fort
Break-up a fight b/t the kids on who is the king of the fort
Feed the kids again
Break-up a fight b/t the kids on whose sandwich is bigger
Take the kids to the park
Feed the kids again
Beg the kids to nap
Realize the kids aren't going to nap
Take the kids on a bike ride
Search all over the house for a bandaid for the kid that fell off their bike
Pretend to be a monster for the kids
Break-up a fight b/t the kids on who the monster should eat first
Read to the kids
Wash the kids
Feed the kids again
Argue with the kids over bedtime
Let the kids watch tv
Read to the kids
Beg the kids to sleep
Listen to the kids playing in their beds
Scream at the kids
Hear silence from the kids room
Realize I actually have a second to myself which I spend falling straight to sleep
Wake up, do it all over again.

Have a great weekend moms!


  1. LOL this is an awesome post! Life sure changes after kids come and mine is only five months old!

  2. It's official - my kids will be on your porch tomorrow morning at 7:00 - I'll give you that extra 1/2 hour to prep for them.

  3. I think about this stuff all the time. I have a 3 and 5 year old. I look at my childless friends and imagine their weekends being as glamorous as if they were on a cruise. But then I recall my life before kids and seem to remember being busy all the time too, doing errands and taking care of the house/yard, etc. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

  4. I can really relate to this with 3 kids of my own..however I do have the chance to dump the kids on certain weekends at their grannies house so I can have my sleep in :)

  5. SUPER POST!! I read this after my son just asked this very same question before getting on the bus---I'll have to read off the list next time he ask LOL

  6. this is so my day! I have four so I get this times four! Love this post

  7. Sounds like a Mom's life! I'm still pretty lucky I get to sleep in on most days when I don't have any scheduled errand/event to do. Ever patient and supportive husband understands that I am such an insomniac who sleeps at 5:00 AM and cannot deal with our toddler at 7AM. If only having a separate bedroom will work since they play around my sleeping body until I do wake up!