Mommy's Juice!: September 2013   

Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

It finally arrived, Jackson's first day of kindergarten and a new one child only daycare bill in the mail (woo-hoo)! Kindergarten started on Tuesday and what a day it was. Such a mix of emotions, for both Jackson and myself. Happiness, sadness, nervousness, pride, joy, fear, you name it (and yes, I did leave him that morning with tears in my eyes). I probably took enough photos to fill up an entire album, but there was one in particular that I wanted to share because to me this photo totally sums up that mix of emotions in a way that my writing never could.

I'll add, we are on day 3 now and both Mommy & Jackson LOVE KINDERGARTEN!! No more tears, no more nervousness, just proud parents and an extremely happy kiddo.