Mommy's Juice!: No I Don't Sing in the Shower....   

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No I Don't Sing in the Shower....

Seriously I don't! Only crazy people sing in showers. Or maybe super happy people, but I'm rarely super happy at 7am in the morning while trying to rush a shower before the kids finish breakfast and start to strangle each other.

I do however sing in my car when I'm alone. This is my super happy time. My time to myself. No kids in the back screaming for windows down, no husband sitting beside me bitching that I bought the cheap eggs. Just the radio blaring and me singing like Carrie Underwood. 

Okay, so maybe more like Elmo than Carrie. But who cares, I'm the only one who can hear me. Until summer that is. A few days ago I found myself pulling up to a stoplight with the windows down right at a VERY crucial moment in a Zac Brown Band song. So of course as I slow to a stop I have to hit my near yelling belt of the chorus, only to release I was stopping beside a car of teenage boys with their windows down who got the laugh of their life at my solo. 

To say I was embarrassed would be a great understatement. I thought about rolling my window up but that would only make me look more silly. Instead I laughed with them. Hell, it was hilarious! But I also learned a lesson, either roll the window up before stopping or do my very best to try and keep my inner rock star at bay until back into the 50 mile per hour zone.

Cool, new policies, all is good. Or so I thought until this morning. It was cool enough to where I had my windows up. Prime time for Mrs. Underwood to reveal herself. And today not only was she a fantastic singer, but man could she dance. It was during my stoplight shoulder shimmy shake that I look over to see one of the dad's from daycare just staring down at me from his giant truck, no doubt thinking, "her poor husband." Again I smiled and waved and laughed at myself. What else can a rock star do? 


  1. I sing in the car with the radio turned up. Otherwise, you don't want to hear my singing.

  2. Ha ha...not only do I belt out songs at the top of my lungs in my truck, I pound my steering wheel, bang my head...anything and everything to take my mind off the road!

  3. I sing in the shower. Does that mean i'm insane? Because I need to know. Sadly, I also sing in the car. Heck, I sing everywhere!! xo

    1. No, it just means you are super happy! No matter the time of day you shower!

  4. I sing in the car, too. But with windows rolled up. :)

  5. οκ just made my day! great post!!!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your post on Whatever Wednesday on Thank You Honey!!

  7. Stopping by from the bloggymoms bloghop! I laughed so hard at this post (in a happy way) because I'm a total rockstar in my car too :) Anyone that can't relate to this is NO fun!

    LO from

  8. I do this All. The. Time! :-D and I may stare and smile at people doing it, but I am thinking, Rock On, Sistah! ROCK. ON! :D

    My Imperfect...

    PS thanks for the visit - getting you a follow back now :-D

  9. Bwuahahahahaha, that's hilarious. I sing in the car too. The kids often tell to please stop, but of course that cannot happen. :) :) :)