Mommy's Juice!: May 2013   

Friday, May 10, 2013

Sweet Dreams

I think my favorite sound in the world is to hear my son laughing in his sleep. I get to hear this often since at 4-years old Jackson still seems to find his way into Mommy & Daddy's room at some terrible hour nearly every night. When I hear the laugh I lay and wonder, what in the world is he dreaming about? Is he dreaming of playing with friends, hearing the dog fart (that one always gets him going when he's awake), eating a worm, pulling a trick on his little brother? What could be so funny??

I'll often ask him once he's awake if he can remember his dreams, only to be given a long drawn out tale of something he is obviously making up on the spot. I know this because these stories always include whatever items in the room that he is looking at any given point.

Then I'll start to wonder if I ever laugh out loud during my dreams. Which leads me into the process of trying to remember my dreams. Which further leads me into an analysis of whether or not I might need a psychiatrist! Where in the world do these dreams come from? Should I be scared?

Don't get me wrong, my dreams are harmless. Some of the recurring themes include walking long distances, realizing I am failing my college classes and forgetting someones birthday. Or wait, maybe that one is actually not a dream. Anyways... like I said, they are harmless. But WACKY! Last night I had to bail a co-worker out of jail. Turns out she's a closet drunk, or at least in my dream she's a closet drunk. Now do you think there is any chance I am going to be able to look at her the same way again after what we went through at 3am this morning in my head? Then there is the girl I kissed in a dream once. Think we're still friends?

And as I recall all of these crazy dreams I notice, not one of them is funny. Scary, disturbing, boring, but not funny. So for Jackson I wish those late night laughs to continue for as long as they can. Because before too long I'm sure they'll change to screams or late night profanity! Sweet dreams baby  boy!