Mommy's Juice!: April 2013   

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm Taking These Boys to the Ghetto

In "the bubble" at the Denver Aquarium.
Needless to say they live in their own little bubble as it is!
I've always wondered if my kids aren't a bit sheltered. Living in a small mountain town in Colorado they don't get to see or experience a lot of the things that I did growing up in North Carolina. Hell, our town doesn't even have a fast food joint! I mean, what kid doesn't stop by McDonald's at least once a week? Granted there is one down the highway a bit, but this is "special treat" territory.

My husband always tells me my fear of their isolation is dumbfounded and reminds me how lucky they are to grow up in such an amazing place. "Besides," he says "they'll learn plenty from television." Yeah, that's great, so far thanks to television they know how to make swiper stop swiping and what dragons to look out for when they are sailing their ships to Neverland.

Last weekend we took the boys to Denver and it became very clear to me that I am correct, and my boys could use a little more "real-world" experience. Just a few of the instances that lead me to this conclusion:

- When laying eyes on a (not-so-nice) high rise apartment building Jackson says, "Look mommy, its jail!"

- Jackson got out of bed at least four times in the night to peak out of the hotel window and confirm that the workmen below were in fact, still working on the road construction. He was amazed that work actually takes place after dark.

- Trey walked up to a homeless man and stole "snacks" from him to feed the birds. I tried to explain stealing isn't nice, especially when you are stealing from someone with no teeth who smells like last years laundry.

- Explaining the concept of a cab to these boys was as easy as explaining Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. They just weren't getting it!

- It is utterly unimaginable to Jackson that people can actually live in a building with no yard. I think he called me a liar more than once.

So it's official, I'm ready to pack these boys up and move them to the ghetto. It's time these boys start learning about real life. It's not all ski dates and backpacks boys. There's a tough world out there. And just as soon as mommy finishes her glass of Pinot by the fire we're headed out!