Mommy's Juice!: March 2013   

Monday, March 25, 2013

We'll Never Hear "Toot" Again

I have a two-year old who is fully convinced that he is four. Ask him how old he is, he answers "four." No you're only two you say, "no, I four," he replies. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that his actual four year old brother can do that he can't. Jackson climbs up the big slide, Trey is right behind him climbing up. Jackson walks, Trey demands to get out of the stroller and walk beside him. Jackson opens a door, and we have to wait for it to close again so Trey can push with all his might to open it himself.

While cute, this phenomenon can also be terribly annoying. Needless to say, while he can do a lot of the things his older brother can do, many he can't or worse, shouldn't. Like at the amusement park when Jackson climbed up the 40' bounce slide and my little one was right behind him every step, then launched himself down in a terrifying flip which turned every head in the park in my direction with their disapproving looks. Or when he saw Jackson jumping off the side of the pool into the deep end and immediately followed suit without considering the fact that HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO SWIM!

The sad thing is, we are missing so many of the cute firsts that we enjoyed with Jackson when he was two. Trey just skipped them! No cute pictures of this kid in an inflatable dinosaur at the pool, he'll attempt to navigate the waters on his own. No watching Chicka together on Sprout, he jumped straight into Nickelodeon. No hearing Trey start to put words together, he went straight into full sentences. My husband summed this up over the weekend with the following comment said almost tearfully, "we'll never get to hear Trey say toot, he went straight into fart." 

Enjoy it while you can!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Damn You Pinterest!

I wasn't going to do it. I had too many social media accounts to manage as it was. I don't like crafts, I can't cook and home decorating isn't in my budget! No way were you going to find me on Pinterest. And then....

It was recommended to me that I create a Pinterest account for the organization I work for. Not having a clue how Pinterest works I decided to play around on a personal account before screwing something up with  the company's name on it. Assuming of course that I'd spend an hour or so with my own tutorial and then leave the account never to be opened again while I focused on the one I had to create.

Little did I know how unbelievably addictive this little website could be. My one hour tutorial turned into a straight three hours in front of my screen. Followed by an extremely long late-night session after I got the kids in bed that night. This was a week ago and since then not only do I have over 150 pins, I'VE ACTUALLY USED THEM!

Me, who never crafts, painting the legs on my kitchen table this weekend. Me, who normally throws the kids artwork in the garbage actually dedicated a wall in my dining room as their "masterpiece" display. Me, who considers coloring in a coloring book perfectly fine art for the kids, sat on the floor and painted mason jars with my son which we turned into nightlights. Me, who hates to cook, well I still hate to cook, but I did hand over some yummy recipes to the hubby to make.

How you may ask, could someone without an ounce of creativity in her bones pull this off? Because this website makes it so damn easy! My husband has no idea what to think. But he likes it. My kids aren't sure if they should still call me Mommy. But they are having fun. I too am not exactly sure why it is I can't seem to spend more than a few hours away from the Pinterest screen. But I sure as hell hope you'll join me at the party:!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Through the Eyes of a 4-Year Old

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all see through the eyes of a four year old? So often my son will comment on something he see's and I will think to myself, "he must be out of his little mind!" But in hindsight, maybe I'm the one out of my mind, because it is clear that he sees things in a much better light. For instance:

Seeing Cameron Diaz on television:
Jackson says: "Look, Aunt Heather is on television."
I see: That its obvious my sister is skinnier and prettier than I am.

Seeing a Lexus pull-up beside us:
Jackson says: "Look Mommy that car looks just like yours."
I see: A car that is clean, has no dents and costs about $30,000 more than my piece of junk.

Waking up to see snow on the ground:
Jackson says, "Isn't is beautiful!"
I see: A fantastic drive to work in my future.

Watching his Dad make hot dogs for dinner:
Jackson says, "Yipppeee!"
I see: An empty bank account

Watching NASCAR on television:
Jackson says, "This is so cool!"
I see: My son at age 25 sitting on a couch and drinking beer with no shirt on.

Looking at me, when absolutely exhausted but pulling through:
Jackson says, "You're the best mommy ever!"
I see: The love of my life in front of me.