Mommy's Juice!: January 2013   

Friday, January 25, 2013

Yeah Baabbyyyy!!

I used to love the Winter X Games. I actually live about 15 minutes from where they take place.  For years I'd go out and watch the competition in person until I realized how much easier it was to just sit at home with the heat on and watch them from TV, then go out and hit the after parties.  But as of last night its official, I hate the Winter X Games!

While watching the qualification round of the Men's Snowboard Superpipe I had two boys on my lap screaming at the top of their lungs:
and my personal favorite:

A 2-year old and 4-year old were transfixed by the flips, the speed, the height.  They simply couldn't get enough.  I of course felt like that once, before I had kids.  Now when I see the admiration come from their eyes when the "Flying Tomato" hits the screen I fear for the future.

I simply can't imagine what mother's must go through when they stand on those sidelines and watch their baby boys or girls do double back flips in the air over a solid sheet of ice.  Or the poor moms whose sons are hanging upside down under a 450 pound snowmobile.  How can they stand there and just watch?  What do their insides feel like at that moment?  And let's not even go to the moment where one of the sons or daughters misses the trick, hits the ground, and lies motionless for seconds that must feel like years.

I don't want to be that mom, and yet, living where I live and watching the excitement in my sons eyes when I take him to his ski lessons on a Saturday morning, I know the chances of me being that mom are very real.  Hell, my mom is that mom.  No, I'm not a champion snowboarder, but there is a risk every time I strap that board on that I know she fears much more than myself.  In fact, I really have no fear when I ride.  As I am sure the professional athletes at the X Games have little if any fear.  As I am sure my children with have no fear.  And yet I will be shaking in my boots, covering my eyes, likely puking my guts up on the side of the mountain, all in the wait of hearing a "YEAH BAAABYYYY," when my boys land on their feet!  

Monday, January 21, 2013

Pride, Respect, Future

Four years ago I sat with my 7-month old and watched the first inauguration of President Barack Obama.  I remember it well as I was filled with so much pride that day, knowing that my son was born into a country where change was possible.  A country where racial barriers were being destroyed.  A country where anything was possible to anyone.  At that time I had no blog and so wrote a long entry in my diary of the multitude of feelings I encountered while holding my baby boy and watching history in the making.

Four years later I again am overwhelmed.  I was fortunate enough to have the day off for the holiday and even more fortunate that the boys daycare was actually open.  Not wanting to miss a single second of a day of freedom and yet not wanting to miss the inauguration, I decided on a morning hike with my iphone.  I was able to listen to President Obama's entire speech as I hiked through the snow in the beautiful mountains in which I'm so blessed to live.  Tears formed in my eyes during many moments of the speech as again I was overwhelmed by just how very lucky we are to live in a country of freedom, where so many opportunities await us and our children.

Just as I reached the top of the mountain Beyonce came on singing our National Anthem.  To say it was a special moment would be an understatement.  I stood at the top, listened to her amazing rendition, and started out into this, full of hope, full of joy and so full of thanks:

Believe me, I am far from a political person.  I wouldn't consider myself a Republican or a Democrat.  I listen to both sides and both agree and disagree with both sides.  In the end I vote for the side that I have more agreement than disagreement with.  If my side wins I'm happy.  If my side doesn't win, I'm respectful of the side that did.  If we don't support each other, work together, respect each other, and treat each and every citizen as our equal, we are failing not just ourselves, but our children, our grandchildren, our legacies.  I felt that today through Obama's words.  I hope we all did!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Are You Freaking Kidding Me?

Every morning for the last week the first word's out of Jackson's mouth have been, "Is it ski lessons today?"  I had let him know last weekend that his ski lessons would begin the following Saturday, not realizing that to my four year old Saturday could literally mean in an hour.  His excitement was contagious for the entire week as we rented his ski package, bought his new ski coat and went to pick up his ski pass.

When the day finally arrived I heard him stirring first thing in the morning, (as usual he had made his sneak into Mommy & Daddy's room around 3am) and upon realizing he was in fact awake I heard a giant gasp from his side of the bed followed by a scream of, "it's ski lesson day!"  Yes, the day he had been waiting on had finally arrived.  I'm not sure if he took a full breath the entire drive to the mountain as he yapped and yapped and yapped about what the day would be like.  I was as excited for him as he was.

Park the car, battle the sea of parents, kids, skis, boots, and freezing cold temperatures, and to his ski class we arrived.  I introduced Jackson to his new teacher and turned to leave and go enjoy a few runs of my own when I hear a screaming and crying behind me.  No, that couldn't be...  Is that....  OMG that is Jackson!  Having a damn fit because he doesn't want me to leave him at ski lessons.

How is this possible?  I have heard nothing but "ski lessons" for seven days straight and now I have the one kid on the mountain throwing an absolute tantrum.  I was truly shocked as I tried everything in my power to pull him off of my legs and stay where he was meant to stay.  After 20 minutes of bargaining, wrestling and trying not to look like a child abuser in front of 100 other parents, I finally left him lying in the middle of the snow crying his eyes out.

From there I go back to my car, sit and cry my eyes out.  I felt terrible for having left him, not to mention overwhelmed by what had just happened.  Eventually I pulled myself together and tried my best to enjoy the free time I had to snowboard.

When the time arrived to pick Jackson up I was fearful of what lay ahead.  What if he's still lying in the same spot where I had left him four hours earlier?  He turned to see me just as I was walking up to the mountain and with horror on his face he screams, "Noooooo, I want to keep skiing!!"   Are you freaking kidding me?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

You're the Baby, I'm the Daddy

We recently had a new babysitter watch the boys for us on a Friday afternoon.  I immediately liked her!  But considering my Rolodex of babysitter's is only about three names deep, I think she'd have to show up with a bottle of Jack Daniel's to share with the kids for me not to like her.  The boys also seemed to immediately be taken by our new guest, so I left feeling confident they would have a fun day.

I returned home a few hours later to find our new friend playing hide and seek with the kids, which is always preferable to walking in to find both boys eyes glued to Scooby Doo on the television.  According to the sitter they had been playing all afternoon, starting with Jackson, my 4-year old deciding he would direct a game of "house."  The sitter informed me that he had told her to play the baby while he would play the role of Daddy.  After roles were determined it was showtime and what did Daddy do?  The sitter laughed as she told me how he immediately walked into the kitchen, grabbed a water bottle, came back in the living room, sat down in the recliner, and let her know that he was having a beer!

I was mortified!!  Is drinking beer in the recliner the ultimate role of the "daddy" as our 4-year old see's it?  Why couldn't he have said he was going to work?  Walking the dog?  Hell, he could have pulled out the vacuum and pretended to clean.  No not manly but his Dad's role nonetheless.  Yes, mortified I was, especially considering this behavior was first witnessed by a complete stranger.  

But as always I looked for the bright side, which in this case should be quite obvious...  at least he wasn't pretending to be Mommy!  If that had been the case there'd have been one less name on the Rolodex list of babysitters as I would likely have been too humiliated to call her back!  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ski Naked!

I'm normally not a Wordless Wednesday participator, but I just couldn't resist this chance to have my 2-year old want to kill me later in life!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The 11 Days of Christmas

At the Movies
You would think with an 11 day holiday vacation I'd be posting on the blog daily.  Obviously that wasn't the case.  Why you ask?  One word answer: kids!  

Eleven days, all spent from morning til night with my little bundles of joy.  Eleven days, that felt like eleven months.  Make that eleven years.  Make that.... well you get my point.  Don't get me wrong, I truly appreciate every single second that I have to spend with my boys.  I've even convinced myself that I appreciate the seconds when they are screaming their lungs out while kicking and rolling on the floor.  But eleven days contain a lot of seconds, and although I still appreciate every one of them, I must say, it was a bit overwhelming.

I did however, learn quite a few helpful lessons during this "vacation" that I can carry forward for future "seconds."  Here I'll share just a few, for any of you other moms not quite accustomed to the SAHM lifestyle:

1. Never take a two year old to the movies.  Thinking my four year old would enjoy Monsters Inc. and the two year old would sit quietly and eat popcorn, I made this attempt.  Bad f'ing idea!  The two year old was all over the place.  Not just in our theater, but every other theater in the joint.  One highlight though, as he mingled from room to room I was able to get a preview of almost every blockbuster of the season!

2. Make sure to have double the amount of groceries needed stocked and ready to go in your kitchen before "vacation" time starts.  God forbid you have to go to the store with the little ones.  I went four times during the eleven days and am convinced I have four new wrinkles on my face.  One for each visit.

3. Allowing children to color themselves with washable marker can be a nice alternative to drowning shots of vodka.  When I had finally hit my breaking point last Friday it led to this:

I didn't care, they could do whatever they wanted, as long as they were QUIET.  The time it took them to create this mess may well have been my happiest moments of the entire vacation.

4. Don't take your eyes off your kids for a second when visiting Whole Foods.  While searching for an overly priced bread for Christmas morning my two devils were able to sneak behind me a grab one of EVERYTHING from the conveniently located sweets table.  Yes, the thought to put every one of them back, germs and all, did cross my mind, but I imagined the scorn in which I would face from other shoppers wasn't worth the expense of a dozen sweets.

5. Having relatives around for the holidays isn't such a bad idea after all.  I certainly could have used the help!

Happy New Year everyone!