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Monday, November 26, 2012

Creepy Candy

All it took was a four day holiday weekend with my family to realize, MY CHILDREN ARE TERRIBLE!! I'm not quite sure what has happened in the last few weeks, but these boys have literally gone from manageable with assistance from the occasional glass of wine TO manageable with the assistance from the frequent bottle(s) of wine!

It started immediately after I picked them up from daycare Wednesday. I attempted to take them out to dinner and ended up going home early soaking wet from the juice Trey spilled on me.  Thursday began with multiple time-outs for fighting, followed by the utter destruction of multiple rooms in the house and ending with a food fight at Thanksgiving dinner.

On to Friday, when attempts at shopping were overruled by screaming children.  Lunch at the local Mexican restaurant a battle of who got to sit on what side of the booth.  And a night led by a flooded floor created during bath hour.

By Saturday I was drinking wine on the couch playing Suduko on my phone and ignoring the fact that I even had children as they lay in front of me screaming at the top of their lungs over whose turn it was to count for hide and go seek.  They'll figure it out!

Church on Sunday included four trips "outside" during the sermon and a few chases around the pews.  By the time we got home I was close to the point of looking up "adoption" online when Jackson asked if we could get out some of the Christmas ornaments.  And there he was... right on top of the Christmas box... the answer to my prayers...Jackson's Elf on the Shelf!

My mom bought the elf two years ago when she came out for Christmas.  Now of course, I find this creature (which Jackson immediately named Candy) quite creepy, but yet, quite effective.  We pulled him out of his box and I read Jackson and Trey the book of how Candy will be watching them and reporting back to Santa on their progress.  To my complete shock, they started to behave!

Obviously it wasn't to last, but as soon as the slightest bit of mischief arrived in their eyes I would mention Candy and they would go back to being Angels.  At some points in the day I would notice Jackson looking around to see if he was in Candy's viewpoint.  It's like some secret weapon for mom's this doll!  It really does work!  That is until I caught Jackson hiding Candy under the sofa cushions specifically so he could do something bad.  But as long as I can find him, and point his creepy little eyes in the boy's direction, I think we'll be doing pretty good.  Until December 26th that is..... 


  1. Ha I have been using the threat of Santa since before Halloween.

  2. Buwahahaha, I never wanted one, but now I'm TOTALLY reconsidering!!!!

    1. It certainly keeps things entertaining!

  3. I am having a blast with our Elf that we got a few days ago. The baby likes trying to help find him too.

  4. Ahh, motherhood. Glad I am not alone in my feelings about my darling offspring! Good luck with your Elf motivation. Our Elf totally backfired- the second our daughter saw him two years ago she freaked out and was so terrified she wouldn't go anywhere in the house alone. We will probably never get him out again. :(

  5. Sounds like my life!! It's funny how they seem to go in stages - manageable to completely off the charts! I have that elf too - going to get him out tonight. Hope the kids understand the concept - looking forward to some peace:)

  6. Oh yessssss....our Elf makes his appearance on Dec 1 and I can't wait. It DOES help because I can say Moopa is watching! And they will all look up at him and then start being nice to each other. haha

  7. Lets hope that from now until the 25th of December the boys will behave :)

  8. It does work, huh! You just have to keep sliding in throughout the year, that Santa, and "everyone" are still watching;)

  9. I've been wondering if the Elf only catches behavior he "sees" or if his magic allows him to know about all of the shenanigans in the house. I like the way Jackson thinks!

  10. I just wrote a post about the Elf on the Shelf and used that same creepy ass picture So mad I didn't think to market that creepy perve myself and make the millions that someone is raking on that little f-er!!

  11. First time visiting your blog!!! Found you from Bloggy Moms :) ~Nancy