Mommy's Juice!: Shopping for Sharks   

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shopping for Sharks

Why can't my child be like other little boys and want nothing more than a Buzz Lightyear costume for Halloween?  Or maybe even a Ninga, a Transformer, a Pirate or Fireman?  No, these common costumes, found at every Target in town just wouldn't do for Jackson.  Hence why I spent my entire Saturday morning listening to the screams and cries of a four year old who just couldn't make up his mind!

When my sister and I were toddlers my mom bought two alien costumes.  One was green the other yellow.  We must have taken turns on colors for four years before finally begging for something new.  There is absolutely no way I could get by with that type of move in my house.  Share?  A costume?  Believe me, they aren't having it!

Trey of course is still easy.  Having not yet reached the two year old mark I am still able to put him in hand me downs from Halloween's past.  Although, because he's smaller than his brother this years hand me downs wouldn't fit, leading me to purchase the first $12/dragon costume I saw on the shelf.  Five minutes, done!

Jackson on the other hand had his heart set on being a shark for Halloween.  Before attempting to hit the small amount of stores available in our backyard, I searched online.  Old Navy had the PERFECT shark, but unfortunately not in his size.  Pottery Barn had an adorable little shark as well but at $60 they can keep that costume!  No way will I be spending $60 bucks for a one night gig!  So we ventured into Target and of course, they have a cute shark costume waiting for us.  Unfortunately it only came in infant sizes.  Breakdown #1.

After thirty minutes of going through every Target costume available, it was decided that Jackson could live without being a shark, but he absolutely had to be an alligator now.  Off to Wal Mart we go!

Wal Mart had to have the sorriest batch of costumes I've ever seen.  Unless your four year old wants to be a blood covered zombie, vampire, or other murderer, you are pretty much out of luck.  Hence, breakdown #2 commences.  Knowing my arsenal of Halloween costume shops is running out, I talk my screaming child into Spiderman, one of the only Wal Mart characters he actually recognized.  He agreed, although disappointed, which of course made me disappointed, but I knew we were running out of options.

On a whim, I swung through the second hand kids store just to give it one last shot.  I was amazed to walk into a selection of every possible Halloween costume imaginable.  Including.......  one very handsome alligator in a (drum roll please) 4T.  Okay, so maybe its actually a dragon costume, but it has a tail and is green, so what the kid doesn't know won't hurt him!!

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. I think the second hand places are great for halloween. Every year, you end up buying all these costumes and then you do nothing with them. Put them in storage for what? to collect dust or until someone u know wants to dress up like that.

  2. I'm glad you found costumes! I wish I was more creative/crafty. I would make my son's costumes. And his class is doing a Colonial Day at school and they are suppose to dress like they would in Colonial times... I really do not want to spend the money on a costume, because he will not wear that for Halloween. sigh. I think I'll try the thrift stores and see what I can find.

  3. Cute! I so did not have time for Halloween costumes when my kids were little, so they had to come up with their own. Now I feel guilty - shoulda taken the time. Good for you!

  4. Duh-dum, Duh-dum, Duh-dum..........I can hear the Jaws theme music now!

  5. I always though costume shopping was supposed to be fun, but I dread it every year. They change their minds so much or we have a hard time finding exactly what they want. Glad you were able to find your costume!

  6. I am not even doing the costume shopping this year because we are only doing church festivals this year. Plus that's a lot of money to dish out for three kids and they don't seem to appreciate it. if my mother-in-law decides to do it for them I'm not going to argue. I just can't justify the cost anymore. I'd rather go a homemade creative route.

    I'm glad you found something suitable for him. It is fun to see the kids dressed up and acting out the characters they are suppose to be though!

  7. I make the kid's costume and every time I spend more money than a store bought one would cost. I guess I'm just not making them right.