Mommy's Juice!: I Was Cool...for Two Weeks At Least   

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Was Cool...for Two Weeks At Least

Finally, I moved into the ranks of the "cool kids" when I purchased my first iphone two weeks ago.  The Blackberry had become an embarrassment.  Every time I pulled it out I felt like the loser still wearing jelly shoes when clearly flip flops had taken over.

My delay rested solely on the day my upgrade became available.  A Verizon customer, my last upgrade took place as the "rumors" had begun that iphones would be available on Verizon.  Nothing had been confirmed yet, and when I asked the salesperson if he had any idea when it might happen, and if I would be smart to wait, his response was, "that's all just a bunch of rumors, I wouldn't expect anything soon."  I went with the pink blackberry only to wake to the news FIVE DAYS LATER that iphones were now available to Verizon customers.  Aside from driving back to the mall and kicking the sales persons ass, there wasn't much I could do.

So I waited, and waited, and waited.  When the day finally arrived I immediately went to the Verizon store and asked for the 4s.  I knew the 5 would be out in a matter of days but at this point I literally refused to wait another second.  When the store told me they didn't have the 4s in stock but would order it, I hopped in the car and drove 45 minutes to the next Verizon store so I could get it in my hand that day!

Once it was purchased, and I could hide the blackberry in the back of my most crowded junk drawer, I got straight to work.  Facebook app, check!  Twitter app, check!  Weather app, check!  Angry Birds, check!  Pandora app, check!  Instagram app, check!  I was all over it.  In a matter of days my new phone became 24 hour entertainment.  I literally couldn't put it down.

When we went to our local Fall Festival this past Saturday I obviously had the phone in attendance.  I had to capture all the fun shots of the boys with the animals, carving pumpkins and the like.  It was as we were driving home from the festival and I went to look for my phone that I realized it hadn't made it with us.  Frantic I drove back to the festival to search, I even scoured the shuttle bus we took there.  No sign of my new love.  I spent Saturday night feeling completely naked, drinking too much wine to drown my loss.

On Sunday morning I was greeted with a miracle.  Well sort of.  Someone had found it and gotten my number from a text I sent.  He warned me it wasn't in good shape.  Turns out I had dropped the phone by the shuttle drop off and (this is so hard to say) it was run over by a bus!

The screen is in shambles, it no longer rings, my pictures can't be seen and I am dying to play Sudoku but it just isn't happening.  New iphone for dumbos like myself who didn't get the insurance: $550!  Guess I'll be reaching in the junk drawer for the Blackberry again!  Oh, the shame!!


  1. That stinks! At least you have the blackberry!

  2. No shame! I am a proud owner of a Motorola Atrix 2--does all that an iphone does at a faster speed and the battery lasts longer! To each his/her own, I guess! Sorry to hear about your loss though. My husband dropped his from a roof a few months ago--same story--no insurance. Oh pooh. At least you don't have a Go-phone, lol!

  3. Lol!!! Welcome to the iPhone world. Its very hard to go to another phone once you have had the iPhone. I have done the following to my iPhones, and this is long before we were allowed to insure them: dropped in pool...three times; fell while out for a jog and cracked glass screen to shreds; had drunken friend vomit on it; and, my favorite....had it stolen from my house in the middle of the night along with a laptop! They are the best, and I would not know how to function without it or my iPad

  4. Oh, that's so heartbreaking! I can only imagine how hard it must have been to accept what happened... seriously...

    I guess that's why I won't be getting an iPhone anytime soon. I can be clumsy at times.

    LOL at the jelly shoes bit :)

  5. Oh no, that is awful! It's nice the guy turned in it though, so you weren't left wondering. Sorry about your cool new toy. :(

  6. Oh no!!! That's horrible! I remember when my son dropped and broke his ipod touch, for him the world literally stopped! Thankfully he was able to get his replaced. I have to graduate to the iphone, I just worry I will never look up again! Lol! Wishing you luck and new iphone!

  7. That sux! I have the hardest time moving on to new gadgets. My kids badger me ALL the time to upgrade, but once I get comfortable with something it"s hard to let go.

  8. Oh no! What a bummer! I hate when sales people hold out on you. You know they know. And it isn't like you won't be back.
    For the record, my husband has the iPhone, and I have the dumbest dumb phone around.=) I had a texting phone, but it popped out of my back pocket into the toilet a few weeks ago. So, back to the dumb phone I go. Oh well.=)