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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Chatting with Cuervo

No, I didn't take too many shots of tequila and start talking to the bottle!  Cuervo is actually the name of my mom's newest addition to the house.  When her beloved min-pin had to suddenly be put down last spring due to cancer she was so heartbroken she went out and got a new dog immediately, this time a chihuahua mix she found at the pound.  She named the dog something silly like Boots but my Dad preferred Jose Cuervo for the little guy.  After trying her best to get him to stop she finally just joined in.

Cuervo joined us at the beach this past September when we went with my parents.  The boys instantly fell in love.  We have a chocolate lab at home, Boone.  Unfortunately Boone isn't very exciting for the boys.  Ten years old with bad knees, Boone isn't one for fetch, or chase, or well, much of anything besides eating.  So for the boys to have the full attention of a dog with endless energy was quite the treat.  They argued over who would hold his leash on walks, who got to run around the beach house with Cuervo's stuffed animal while he chased them, whose lap Cuervo would sit on.

When we got back home after a week of Cuervo fun, Jackson ran quickly into our house only to come out crying, "Boone's too bigggggg!!!!"  Tough luck kiddo!

Cuervo enjoyed the boys as much as they enjoyed him.  Needless to say life with two retirees isn't exactly full of chases for the little guy.  Mom said the dog spent days after the boys left pouting around the house, sad for his loss.  But not for long...  A few days ago, when I handed over the phone to Jackson to say hi to his grandma, I suddenly hear him saying, "Hi Cuervo, good dog, I missed you, what are you doing?"  Wait a minute, you're talking to the dog???  On the phone????

According to mom the dog loved it!  His ears perked up and he took in every word.  As if I didn't waste enough of my phone minutes on Jackson telling his grandparents long drawn out stories of a trip to the park or an exceptional moment on the potty, now I get to pay for him to talk to the damn dog too!!


  1. bwuahahhaha, and it's too totally cool to not let them continue, lol. Big bonus for grandma, the kids will want to visit even more. ;)

  2. I would love to hear the neighbors' reactions when your parents are yelling for their dog, "Cuervo, Oh Cuervo". They probably think, what a pair of drunkards!! LOL!!!!

  3. My Son Brought a Dog Home , I Didn't Want a dog in The House. But I Have Warmed Up To Gidget . Great Name !

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  5. That is hilarious! Cute story. I can just picture the boys and the dog having a great time them returning to their respective houses.

  6. What a cute and funny post. Cuervo sounds like such a fun loving pup. Rescue dogs are some of the best :)

  7. HA! he is too cute!

  8. What a perfect name for that little guy!

  9. AAAA! He's amazing, I love dogs, especially little, like that one! So great! : )