Mommy's Juice!: Friday Funnies Are Back!!   

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Friday Funnies Are Back!!

One of my favorite posts as "Margs for Mommy" was the Friday Funnies!  A recap of what made me laugh hardest in the past week.  I loved the Friday Funnies so much I've decided to resurrect them here at Mommy's Juice.  Because really, who doesn't love a laugh on Friday!

Jackson, our 4-year old, upon seeing a car pulled over by a cop on the side of the road: "Ohhhh. bad choice."  Wonder if he'll still think that when he's 16.

Speaking of being pulled over, why is it that I only seem to remember I lost my driver's license when I am catch myself speeding as I pass a cop?

Comment from Jackson as we pass a VW Bug: "What a fancy little car!"

Upon returning home from getting my hair done:
Jackson: "Mommy your hair looks beautiful."
Husband: "How many colors is that exactly?"
Guess who I love more??

Saddest, yet true, thing I heard all week: comment from the hairdresser as I was leaving,
"we'll see you at Christmas." Yes, I am that slack!

Biggest Accomplishment of the Week:
Ms. I Do Not Cook made homemade peach ice cream with the boys and it was the BOMB!  No I don't have intentions of hitting Breyer's up for a job anytime soon, but for someone who sucks in the kitchen this one felt good.

Biggest Disappointment of the Week:
Seeing the damn US Women's Volleyball Team wear the bikini's.  Which of course made all the men who were complaining about full body clothing happy.

Sent the office intern to the grocery store with a list that included Nice Coffee.
She calls me from the coffee aisle to let me know they don't carry that brand.  Adjective my dear!

What was your funny highlight of the week?????


  1. Sadly, this has not been the funniest of weeks. :( Thinking... thinking...

    Well, there was a hysterical moment while playing UNO with the kids. Everyone laughed... one snorted. Not sure what got us started, but I am thankful for a roomful of belly laughs all at one time! :)

  2. I have to admit...that conversation between your son, you & your husband was the best. Leave it to a man to point out the quantity of color rather than the beauty of the blend. LOL Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Fun post... I laughed out loud reading the one about the intern!

  5. HA! I am really enjoying this post! We have funny weeks each week, with a house full of kiddies, something funny is bound to happen or come up!

  6. I laughed at the intern one too.
    And speeding past the cop, lol, totally relating. :)