Mommy's Juice!: Red Bull IV's and Wal Mart's Finest: Editor's Faves!   

Monday, July 30, 2012

Red Bull IV's and Wal Mart's Finest: Editor's Faves!

As a “mommy blogger” I’m constantly checking out other “mom” sites.   Obviously through this process I’ve ran into quite a few product review sites.  I think these sites are great, however, as a full-time working mother of two boys I look at my blog less as another revenue generator (although if you’re reading this Oprah, we totally need to hook it up!), and more as my little attempt at comedy in this crazy world.

That said, I do find the whole product endorsement aspect of a blog interesting.  Not because I want to tell people how fabulous I think something is and make money (although again, that would be nice, yes Wal Mart family I'm talking to you), but because I want to tell people how fabulous I think something is because I have found that I am pretty much always right and would like to share some of my uncanny wisdom with others. 

And so, I give you the first installment of Mommy’s Juice totally free product endorsements (with the caveat that should the brand manager from any of the below products feel the need to compensate me for this invaluable marketing opportunity I am free at all hours of the day to discuss!):

1. Stouffer’s Lasagna: has there ever been an easier or tastier dinner for a family of four?  Aside from the KFC 8 piece, I’m going to go ahead and say NOT!

2. Clorox Wipes: these handy little fella’s make you actually feel like you live in a clean house, when in actuality you’ve just disguised utter filth in high traffic areas for that Saturday night dinner party, while making sure no one opens the “closed doors” to see your true housekeeping skills.

3. Wal Mart French Toast: the “ultimate’ sweet breakfast treat for those of us that “love” to cook. Just call me Betty Crocker!

4. Stemless Wine Glasses: assuming that most of my readers have children, I feel this product requires no explanation!

5. Red Bull: why in the hell does this not come in an IV!  Throw in a shot of vodka for an even better review!


  1. Love my stemless wine glasses. Although, mine are still tucked up in my attic somewhere. And wipes are the best thing ever invented!! Although I use diaper wipes for a lot of cleaning things because I don't always want the chemicals from the other. Hope you have a great week! Enjoy your lasagna and french toast!

  2. Ya just can't beat that Stouffer's Lasagna. Of course the fat and calorie content is enough to last ya for a week. We use redneck wine glasses at our house 'cause stemless are way too fancy. LOL!!!

  3. Love the shot of vodka in the Red Bull for a better review comment! Thanks for the laugh this morning! I've done some reviews, but prefer to keep our blog about parenting as much as we can!

  4. The clorox wipes are the best for kids to help clean. We use them all the time! It is their attempt at cleaning until I really get to it.

  5. Absolutely love lasagna but have always been afraid to try and cook it. My sister can cook it well, so I leave it up to her. Anyhoo I love clorox wipes! What could be any better right? Very handy products to have.