Mommy's Juice!: Isn't It Sad?   

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Isn't It Sad?

Isn't it sad...

That I let the boys walk on my back because it's the closest thing to a massage I can get these days?

When you start to consider birthday cake one of your major food groups?

When you leave poop in the baby's diaper because you know your hubby will be home soon and it's his turn next right?

That the kid's are up at 6:30am every weekend morning, but when you need them up on a work day they feel like sleeping in?

To bribe your child with a quarter if he'll just shut up for the next five minutes?

When he doesn't earn that quarter?

Isn't it sad.....

When you describe yourself to someone looking for you as the "one who looks like she just had to drop two kids off at daycare?"

To pay a babysitter $15/hour to watch your television set while your children sleep?

When you prefer to drink on work nights instead of on the weekend's when you are home with the kids?

That rain in the forecast gives you nightmares of being stuck inside with your kids?

When you get that God awful Caillou songs stuck in your head all day?

Isn't it sad.....

When the teacher's at daycare have to send you multiple reminders to bring in family photos?  Which you haven't done yet because you actually haven't printed any...

To stoop so far as telling your kids the park is "closed" simply because you can't face the ordeal of packing everyone up and into the car?

That "free time" has turned into a glass of wine and a quick bath, during which your children bust through the door at least three times?

When you realize for the first time that Shaggy is a total stoner?

Yes, it's sad.  Sad, worth it, and one day to be missed I suppose!


  1. It's really difficult carving out time for yourself when you're a mom, isn't it? But yes, it's all worth it. At the end of the day, there's nowhere else we'd rather be.

  2. Oh man... I totally feel you on pretty much ALL of these! haha... i think one of my biggest peeves is paying the babysitter to watch tv. Ugh!

  3. OMG this post is so hilarious. I've done many of those things - however, it was the Barney song that was stuck in my head because my daughter wouldn't stop singing it!!! Visiting from Members to Remember - have a great day.

  4. So Funny! YEs, I have my kids walk on my back often. Man, so many of these completely describe my day in and day out life...yet at the same time, I wouldn't trade it. The joys of being a parent.

  5. I loved your post. I'm a little mad at you for listing the Caillou reference because NOW the darn song is stuck in my head! But I am happy that you made me feel normal - even if for just a moment! Wait! Shaggy is a stoner?!

  6. I can relate to this post. I remember when my children were little and I would tell them I will give you a $1 if you go play quietly for a few minute... :) I felt bad afterwards. It is hard to carve out time for your self, and if you do you feel guilty. I always did.

  7. Ok, the Shaggy is a total stoner made me laugh out loud! That truly dawned on me recently. I really enjoyed this:)

    I also can't believe that baby sitters get $15/hour!!

  8. As I read this, it all sounds too familiar. Wish I could get some free time. But that's always consumed by something else, right :(

  9. all too familiar but afraid I must admit I have yet to hire a sitter. Is it really $15 an hour these days? Is that one or two kids? Shhhh don't tell my 15 year old.

  10. Free time is always nice to have. Hooray for date nights!