Mommy's Juice!: March 2012   

Friday, March 30, 2012

You Fish Saturday, I Shop Sunday

Man have I been out of the loop lately.  For those of you who actually enjoy my blogs, I apologize.  For those of you who read my blog because I force you too, hope you enjoyed your time off, now back to it!  

There are just certain times of the year when I find it hard to wash my hair, yet alone jot down all the hilarious things going on around me.  Working full-time with two kids under three and the occasional extra-curricular activity doesn’t allow me the freedom I once had.  Some days I literally wake up and my first thought is, “if I didn’t have kids, what would I do today?”  Images of long peaceful hikes, followed by a trip to the nail salon, then afternoon cocktails with the girls before a romantic dinner with my husband, quickly dissipate as the first earth-rattling “MOMMYYYYYYYYY,” is heard from the other room.

There was a time that scream was actually the sound of my alarm clock, (which I don’t think I have used since the birth of my first son) waking me in time to get to the gym before work.  Happy Hour wasn’t something I scheduled two weeks in advance but a spontaneous phone call to a friend at 3pm, “I’m thinking I need a drink after this day, how about you?”  Can you believe my husband and I actually spent our weekends doing things together like skiing or going on bike rides, instead of taking turns: “You can fish Saturday morning, if I can go shopping alone on Sunday.” 

Yes, I miss those days, especially as I grudgingly get out of bed and go into the screaming child’s room, cursing him under my breath every step of the way.  But then I open the door and something amazing happens.  He looks up at me and immediately the biggest smile you have ever seen comes across his face.  It’s as if I am standing there holding a pot of gold (or in his instance, maybe just a giant birthday cake).  My heart suddenly feels as if it could burst with all of the love I feel in that moment.  And I realize…. I wouldn’t have it any other way!