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Monday, January 2, 2012

Look Out: Mommy's Cutting Loose!

I hate the word “routine”.   To me the definition of routine is: BORING.  And yet, as a working mother with two kids under five I have suddenly found my days full of “routine.”  Wake up, make breakfast, pack lunches, change clothes, shower, drop off at daycare, work eight hours, come home, make dinner, bathe kids, lay-out clothes for the next day, put kids to bed, read, sleep.  Could my life possibly be more boring? 

So when focusing on my 2012 New Year’s resolution I decided to stray from the typical lose weight, eat more vegetables, stop drinking (so much), exercise more.  Let's be honest here, I don't think a single one of these has made it past the initial first 48 hours.  This year I put my focus on something that would make my life more interesting, not less, leading to my 2012 resolution to: DO SOMETHING NEW EVERY DAY! 

Of course I don’t imagine myself skydiving or taking a spontaneous trip to Vegas each day of the week, but something, anything, that is different from the normal “routine.”  It could be as simple as listening to a new radio station on the way to work, or watching a movie after putting the kids to bed instead of going straight to bed myself.  I could try a new bottle of wine one night or taste a new beer at the local brewery.  Play a new game with the boys or read them a new story.  The possibilities are endless.  And though these may seem like small, inconsequential changes to most, for me just having that one small change in each day feels like a life-changing possibility!  Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little, but I’m seriously freaking bored here people.

I started the resolution off with a new recipe.  Yes, I am very aware that I don’t cook, but this is a new year and I must say, my cheddar cheese grits were a hit!  Today I think I’ll try curling my hair.  That’s right, I’m living on the edge.  Look out 2012, mommy’s cutting loose!   


  1. Ooooooooo curling the hair! Um, photos please!!

  2. Every little bit counts. Have fun with it!
    Jill from VB

  3. This was great. I too have always hated routine. It's a lot harder (or maybe we just think it is) to do something different every day. Even the smallest thing can make a difference. Good luck and what's wrong with Vegas! (from VB)

  4. Loved your post! I love trying new things, it's the best way to grow. Great goal! Happy New Year!

  5. What a wonderful idea! It reminds me of a saying my grandmother used to tell us, "learn something new everyday."

    And I know that I have so much fun when I try a new recipe, try a new idea I saw on YouTube, take a new route to a place and see what is there. :)

    I look forward to seeing what new things you try. :)


  6. I don't think these things sound small at all! I think they sound wonderful! Did you used to watch FRIENDS? I just had a flashback of when Ross was doing this! LOL I think your goal is wonderful and sounds like a good goal for me! So happy I visited today. Have a wonderful New Year! & I loooove cheese grits!

  7. That's wonderful. Curling hair, cooking experiments... sounds great.. Good luck!

  8. Doing something new everyday seems challenging but definitely worth it! I've stopped making resolutions but maybe I'll follow yours...only mine would be something new, say...hmmm....every month? ;-)) Thanks for this and Happy New Year!!

  9. Excellent goal! Small and simple works great for me!