Mommy's Juice!: How's This for Embarrassing?   

Friday, January 27, 2012

How's This for Embarrassing?

Last night my husband and I were being playful.  This isn’t something that happens often.  Most weeknights we are rushing to fit in dinner/bath/bed, or arguing over who is going to be the lucky one to drop the kids off at daycare the next morning, or pulling out our computers to finish the work we couldn’t get done during the day.   All of these things still needed to be done last night, but it wasn’t in the stressful mode that usually seems to overwhelm us. 

Instead it turned into a game: whenever I asked Travis to do something, like make a bottle for the baby, his response would be “show me your boobs and I’ll do it.”  So Mardi Gras it was!  I must have flashed him twenty times, which I’d say is a pretty good trade for having dinner made, kids clean, teeth brushed and sheets changed. 

I had so much fun with our little game that I thought I’d tease him with it today while we were at work.   Earlier I had asked him to text a friend of ours about getting together.  Knowing he hadn’t done it yet I sent him a text this afternoon which read: “send the text for boob action later.” 

Shortly after, my phone rang displaying his name on the screen, so I answer with, “did you get my text?”  I am more than a little shocked when the reply comes from an unrecognizable voice of what must have been an older Mexican male: “I got a message from you.”  I immediately look at the screen again, yes, its still Travis’ name but who in the hell am I talking too?
“I’m sorry, who is this?”
“You left me a message.”
Again I look at the screen and suddenly the light bulb goes off, SHIT!!!!  I’ve texted Travis’ old cell phone number that I never bothered to erase out of my phone.

“You must have the wrong number,” I say.
“No, no, you texted me…”  Off button now clicked!!

How freaking embarrassing!  My red face and screaming profanities had given me away.  I had to tell the others in my office what I had done and as you can imagine, they had a total field day with it.  Even my husband found this to be hilarious when I immediately called to tell him what had happened. 

I can only imagine how confused and yet proud this Mexican dude is feeling tonight.  I’m sure he showed the text to all his buddies at Happy Hour.  It’s not exactly something you would erase immediately.   Thank goodness the phone is still faceless!  I can just see one of his friends looking at my picture and saying, "hey, I work with her husband!"


  1. Love this! So funny. When my hubby and I are "sexting" I am always afraid The message is going to go to someone other than him, thank goodness it hasnt happened yet. And I would say that's a darn good trade;)

  2. That is an awesome story!! Ha!! I loved that.

  3. Too funny!! I thought you had sent him a picture of your boobs at first, but glad it was just text. I'm sure you had the other guy's day.

  4. At least it wasn't to someone you actually knew! lol
    following you know from the hautemom blog hop, hope you can stop back by :)

  5. Oh my gosh!! I am still laughing at this story!!

  6. Oh my stars!! That is soooo funny, I can only imagine what that guy was thinking. haha probably didn't take very long for him to call you back :)I think I am going to have to send all my friends to read your post! That is so funny!

  7. Hahah it is damn funny really but I feel sorry for you that you had become such should have been deleted you hubby's old number..LOL