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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Evolution of a Purse

Driving down the road last week, I stuck my hand in my purse to fumble around for chapstick.  After nearly five minutes of fishing through SHI*, I had lost it!  Why am I carrying around all of this crap?  Oh yeah, I’m a mom now. 

My mind began to go back to earlier years, when my purse was more compact and easier to navigate.  I then realized how much someone could learn about you just by going through your favorite bag.  It can tell the story of who we are and where we are in our life.  (Yes, this was a long drive I was on and I had entirely too much time to think about such nonsense!) 

Today I share the evolution of my purse through its contents at different points in my life.  Yes, I can write about heavy topics sometimes!

Purse Contents at 16 Years Old:
-          Key chain: key to my parent’s house
-          Wallet: $1.53 (all change), my learner’s permit (I wasn’t allowed to get a license until I was 17, but that is a whole other story) and high school photos of all my BFF’s
-          Strawberry chapstick
-          Hair pic (yes, I had THAT hair)
-          Two single cigarettes stolen from my best friend’s mom
-          Love letter written on notebook paper from THE ONE

Purse Contents at 18 Years Old:
-          Key chain: key to my parent’s house, my dorm room, and the 1990 Used Oldsmobile I had to leave home for my sister
-          Wallet: $20, Student ID, driver’s license (what’s the use with no car), parent’s credit card (for emergencies ONLY), Express/Limited/ Victoria’s Secret credit cards, high school photos of all my BFF’s, Fake ID with the picture and information of a girl named Amy who looked nothing like me but got me in to shady joints
-          TCBY nametag
-          Strawberry chapstick
-          Still carrying around that love letter
-          Eyeliner & lipstick
-          Cigarettes, matches and 20-30 Marlboro Miles

Purse Contents at 21 Years Old:
-          Key chain: key to my parent’s house, key to the Athletic Club where I worked, key to my PO Box in Aspen, key to the dumpy rental I shared with seven other people
-          Wallet: $0, ID Card (once again no driver’s license, once again a whole other story), VISA/ MasterCard/BP/Express/Limited/Victoria’s Secret credit cards (all close to max), health insurance cards, bus pass
-          Strawberry chapstsick
-          Cigarettes & a lighter
-          Bills that need to be paid
-          CD player & headphones

Purse Contents at 30 Years Old:
-          Key chain: key to my parent’s house, key to my work/office, key to my PO Box in Aspen, key to the dumpy rental I shared with my fianc√©, key to my Jetta (yeah!)
-          Wallet: $100, driver’s license (yes, a real one), VISA /Victoria’s Secret credit cards, health insurance cards, gym membership card, library card, debit card, business cards
-          Strawberry chapstick
-          ipod

Purse Contents Today:
-          Key chain: key to my work/office, key to my PO Box in Aspen, key to the home I OWN!!, key to my 4-Runner
-          Wallet: $0, driver’s license, VISA/Mastercard (it’s back!)/Lowe’s/Kohl’s credit cards, health insurance cards, kid’s health insurance cards, library card, debit card, business cards, kid’s social security cards, photos of the boys
-          Strawberry chapstick (that can never be found)
-          Numerous Happy Meal toys
-          Bills that need to be paid
-          Diapers & wipes (in case of emergency!)
-          Lipstick
-          Baggies of pretzels, goldfish or other snacks
-          Camera (you never know when you are going to need it)
-          Invitation to 3-year old birthday party


  1. I wish they made purses that have more compartments and pockets so they are easier to organize. Sometimes things just disappear in my purse's mess, I never find them when I need them and I only find them weeks later when I clean up. When I'm desperately looking for a pen, I cannot find it, and later I find that I had 3 in there!

    1. Flor, two words: bag organizer. I love them! They keep everything in place. :) My bag was one big mess before them.

      Andrea, I came from a bridal shower recently. One of the games was to see which of us ladies' bags shared the same contents as the soon-to-be bride.

      It seemed I was the only parent among the participants.

      I told them it was unfair! I'd lose because the soon-to-be-bride couldn't possibly have the stuff I had in MY bag. I began pulling out extra clothes, a toy and a bag of oreos. We all had a good laugh.

  2. I love this post! I am a mom now too and the contents (and size) of my purse sure has changed! What a fun post! I just might have to "borrow" your idea! Cynthia, vB

  3. Gotta love that strawberry chapstick. I have known people who have a meltdown when they can't find their chapstick.

  4. Hahaha!! That's so cute and true. I'm jealous that you used to work at TCBY. I love their chocolate peanut butter yogurt. Mmm!! I also have TONS of tons in my purse, strawberry chapstick. :(

    (Thanks for linking up with the #findingthefunny party. Hope you come back next week!)

  5. Wow - this is so fun! I am totally trying to think of what would have been in my purse at what point in my life... Love it!

    Thanks for linking up to #findingthefunny party. Hope to see you Wednesday!