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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Updates of a Crazy Household

Mr. Chatterbox

Some blogs just deserve an update!  

On this blog I pondered what the first word out of Trey’s mouth would be.  My biggest fear was that poop would inevitably be the one, since we have spent the last few months struggling with potty training our oldest son.  But luckily, that wasn’t the case!

The first word came across his sweet little lips last week and it was (drum roll please!) MA-MA!  That’s right, ma-ma!!!  My husband may try to tell you that a few days before the very clear MA-MA that was said as Trey pointed at me, that he happened to hear a Da-Da.  This is false information.  The child was clearly just da, da, da, da’ing.  These were incoherent sounds that weren’t directed in my husband’s direction whatsoever and therefore do not go down in the non-existent baby book as his first words. 

Now that we have that settled, let’s move on….

Here I have discussed my son’s new love of rock n’ roll that his dad has exposed him too.  Well, I hate to report, this has only gotten worse.  Much worse!  After watching a VH1 Behind the Artists episode featuring Megadeath, my husband decided to hop on Amazon and buy a few albums.  Rock n’ roll is one thing, Megadeath is entirely another.  It’s TERRIBLE, LOUD, OBNOXIOUS and not exactly appropriate listening material for a three-year old.

I was unaware of my husband’s purchase until one morning last week when he was getting the kids together to take them to daycare.  Jackson asks, “Daddy, can we listen to rock n’ roll in the truck,” followed by, “the BAD GUY rock n’ roll!”  When asked what he meant by “bad guy rock n’ roll” I was informed of what was going on.  He now requests the “BAD GUY rock n’ roll” every morning.  What a way to kick off a day of daycare!  God forbid he starts singing Megadeath lyrics to his teachers!


  1. We are potty training too, there is always a danger of when kids will talk about it... :-D
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