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Monday, November 14, 2011

To My Friends

I spent my Saturday night hosting a Going Away Party for one of my best friends.  She, her husband and their daughter moved to a small town about two hours away on Sunday.  This is an occurrence that unfortunately happens way to often in our neck of the woods.  Living in a resort community we see friends come and go on a regular basis, and though its never easy to say goodbye, I feel very fortunate to have met so many wonderful people from all over the world in this place we call home.

Webster’s dictionary defines friend as:
1. one attached to another by affection or esteem
2. one that is not hostile
3. a favored companion

My personal definition for friend is a little more detailed.  To truly be a good friend here are just a few of the qualifications I'm looking for:

1.       One who holds your hair back from your face as  you revisit whatever that pink juice in the bathtub was at the party
2.       One who truly lets “what happened in Vegas, stay in Vegas”
3.       The person who has made you laugh so hard you’ve peed your pants
4.       One who actually assisted you in making sure your hair was as high off of your head as it could go, then switched seats so you could return the favor
5.       The person sitting beside you in the car on the way to Myrtle Beach minutes after graduating high school
6.       One who never brings up your “deep” conversations after a bottle (or three) of wine
7.       One who stops by your house supplying that wine when they know you’ve had a tough week
8.       One who had your mom as a substitute teacher but hung out with you in High School anyway
9.       The person who walks into your dorm room freshman year, right after your parents have left and you’re feeling a little scared, and invites you to go on a walk
10.   The person who remembers the stories you don’t and brings them up at just the right time to make you laugh
11.   The person who pops to mind whenever you hear the song “Oh What a Night”
12.   One who leaves with you, regardless of how much fun they are having, if you are having a bad night
13.   One who lets you know when you have food in your teeth, instead of just laughing whenever you smile
14.   The person who agrees to go to the prom with a less than ideal date (as in, yuck!), just so you’ll have a friend to double date with
15.   One who has the other half of your Best Friends Forever charm, tucked away in a jewelry box stored at their parents house
16. One who loves your children as if they were their own

I’ve been more than blessed to find so many wonderful people who meet my “definitions” of friends.  You know who you are.  Thanks for always being there.  I love you!

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  1. Great definitions! The food in the teeth thing is HUGE! So many people won't tell you and then you just look dumb!