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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Continuing the story of Trey’s gastroschisis diagnosis.  For details from the beginning click here.

As the date for Trey’s c-section came closer we finalized our arrangements for Jackson.  My mom flew out a few days prior to the surgery to adjust to life with a two year old.  My boys are her only grandchildren and she doesn’t get to see them often.  She would have him for a week on her own while we were in Denver for the birth and I wasn’t sure she had a clue what she was about to get herself in to!   But within minutes of her arrival, my very excited child, had her giving him his bath, making his dinner and tucking him in.  It was as if mommy was no longer in the room!

We had to drive to Denver for the delivery and because the forecast was calling for snow we decided to leave early the day prior and relax before the big day.  Although relaxing isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do when you know you are having a baby the next day and that the baby will be going into surgery immediately after he is born.  Not to mention you’ve just left your two year old behind, on the week before Christmas, and he has no understanding whatsoever about what is going on.  Oh, and let’s not forget you are also having contractions already!  Not exactly the most “relaxing” situation.  Yet, somehow I actually managed to get some sleep that night.  Not much, but some.

Early the next morning we awoke in our hotel room and checked out to go have a baby.  I had an amnio first thing so they could make sure that the babies lungs were developed enough to handle the surgery.  Piece of cake!  Then they started prepping me for my surgery.

It wasn’t really until after Trey was born that I realized I had a surgery too.  I guess I just thought of the c-section as a minor procedure with no real side effects.  I can tell you this, having had Jackson naturally and then Trey as a c-section, I’d take the natural delivery over surgery any day of the week! 

When we went into the room where the c-section was to take place, Travis in his scrubs, me in, well nothing from the neck down, we were greeted by a MULTITUDE of people that I must say I wasn’t expecting to be around while dressed in my birthday suit.  When Jackson was born there was Travis, my doctor and a nurse.  I specifically remember how easy it was to throw all modesty out the window.  This was different!  There was my doctor, the anesthesiologist, multiple nurses, Trey’s surgeon, and the surgeon’s nurses.  My doctor actually asked me, as I lay there for the world to see, if I would mind if one of her doctors in training sat in on the procedure.  “Why the hell not, everyone else seems to be here.”

During the c-section Travis sat on a chair by my head with a big sheet in front of us so we couldn’t see the procedure.  The anesthesiologist was on my other side, distributing drugs and giving us a play by play of the surgery.  At first I thought the drugs must not be working, but then he started telling us about cuts.  What cuts?  I couldn’t feel a thing.  In fact, the only thing I felt was a tugging of my stomach at one point which was followed by him telling Travis he could stand up and look, and that’s when Travis saw our son for the very first time.  Tears fell on both of our faces as he told me how beautiful he was.  It was as if we were in our own world all of a sudden, even with all of the nurses shuffling around getting Trey’s intestines covered to avoid infection. 

Once they had him prepped and ready to move out for his surgery they allowed Travis to go over and take another look while I got stitched up.  On their way out of the room they held Trey up for me to see.  I could only smile my biggest smile while crying tears of joy and fear.  He was beautiful, intestines and all.

Travis went with them to the surgery room and at some point I passed out.  When I woke he was beside me with news that the baby was in surgery.  Shortly after, the surgeon arrived to tell us that everything had gone perfectly.  His intestines went back in with ease, she was able to go through his belly button in order to avoid too much scarring and he was in stable condition in the NICU.  I may not have had a chance to hold my baby yet but for the first time since hearing the word gastroschisis, I knew that I would!     


  1. What a scary time to go through. I am so thankful his surgery went well. Thank you for continuing the story - I've been waiting :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing more of the story. I was wondering when we would get to read more:)

  3. I too am a gastroschisis mom. My gastro "baby" is turning 10 years old in a couple weeks. She's healthy and happy and a big sister to 2 healthy kiddos. :) Such blessings through such heartache! Glad to have found you.