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Thursday, October 20, 2011

WTF Mom!

Whether it’s a high-pitched scream or a series of ah, ah, ah’s, it’s evident that the baby is ready to talk!  Trey, who turned ten months old today, is clearly trying to tell us something.  I hear the poor guy scream out incoherent noises to me all day while I try to decipher exactly what it is he wants to express.  For now I just have to guess at what’s on his little mind.  Thus far here’s what I’ve come up with:

watching others eat: “WTF, where’s mine?”

being pushed around by his big brother: “you know I’m going to kick your ass one day.”

in the tub splashing water all over the bathroom: “might as well do it while you still think it’s cute.”

waking up in the middle of the night: “get your lazy ass up and feed me!”

having a diaper change: “this is so degrading.”

left with the baby sitter: “not this bitch again”

asked to ooh and ah on the phone to Grandparents: “you better be sending me a kick-ass Christmas present for this.”

moved away from the dog bowl he’s almost reached: “damn it, I was thirsty.”

crawling around the living room: “don’t you people own a vacuum cleaner?”

caught doing something he shouldn’t: “obviously I’m entirely too cute for you to actually punish me.”

getting sloppy kisses from the dog: “weren’t you just licking your ass with that thing?”

strangers get right in his face at the store: “if I smile will you please get that ugly mug away from me?”

all the young girls all want to play with him: "patience ladies, there's plenty to go around."

dressed in his cute pastel overalls: “you do realize that I have a penis right?” 


  1. So funny! My youngest would freak out too anytime he saw other eat. Love all of these, so freaking funny!

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  6. He is so cute. I would totally spoil that little boy! Thanks for joining the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop!

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