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Monday, October 17, 2011

Rock n' Roll Baby!

Tonight as I was driving home with Jackson, our 3-year old, in the backseat, he screams over the Justin Timberlake song on the radio, “I want rock n’ roll.”  Um, excuse me??

I’ve never been that mom that puts the kid’s music on in the car.  I give them the cartoons in the morning, I eat the kid friendly dinners, I even catch myself coloring from time to time, but no way was I giving up my music!

My music tastes have always been quite eclectic.  When my ipod is on shuffle you can hear an Eminem song, followed by Green Day, into Jimmy Buffett, into the Allman Brothers, straight to Jay Z, over to Toby Keith and rounding out with a little Harry Connick Jr..  Aside from classical (and kids) music most genres are represented.

My husband on the other hand is what I would call a music “snob.”  He likes what he likes, which is almost entirely classic rock, and as far as he is concerned the rest is all trash.  He actually has this same mentality on a lot of issues:
-          Skiing is the ONLY winter sport, snowboarding is a waste of time
-          Fly fishing is the ONLY way to fish, all other forms of fishing are elementary
-          Budweiser is the ONLY beer worthy of drinking, all other beers pale in comparison

You get the point.  I, being an open-minded person, want to teach the boys to be open to all art forms, sports, and of course alcohol.  When Jackson was only a month old and I was bored off my rocker on maternity leave, we spent an entire afternoon watching VH1 count down the top 100 songs of all time.  I offered my young, impressionable infant, my feedback on each of their choices, along with a list of albums that we need to make sure would be in his future library of music.  The seed had been planted, I was ahead of the game.  Or at least I thought, until tonight.

When I asked him, “why rock n’ roll,” he replied that in Daddy’s truck they always listen to rock n’ roll.  Well in Mommy’s car we listen to all types of music.  At this he says, “but I just like rock n’ roll.” 
As if that didn’t hurt enough the next words he spoke were, “maybe when you grow up you can get a big truck like Daddy’s and you can listen to rock n’ roll too.”   

Maybe I should just go ahead and start shopping for ski gear and fly fishing rods now.  At least I still have time to convince him that Budweiser stinks!


  1. Yep, Budweiser, bad, hubby no smart.
    Little guys are a hoot, but I'll just bet he turns out to be a Guinness tipping, deep sea fishing, snow boarder. :)

  2. My iPod has every genre of music imaginable, yes, even the kids stuff! I hear what your saying here :) I really enjoyed reading this. Visiting from vB

  3. Funny, funny! :) My hubby isn't so adamant about his tastes, but daddys are just able to impress kids more - - not sure why that is...
    maybe you CAN grow up to be a daddy!! hahahha j/k.
    Visiting from VB :)

  4. Mine annoy me to death cause they come up with parodies of the music I listen to and the parodies always involve poop.
    From VB

  5. That is too funny. And that sounds like our ipod, we have every genre of music on ours too.

  6. Yours is the best laugh I've had this morning! My husband like Harry too! We raised our kids on just about everything from classical to mild rock. (I ♥ classical music)

    BTW, let me know when you 'grow-up'!!

  7. My hubby hates all my ballads! Great blog, thanks for following!