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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hide the Booze, Daddy's Clocking Out!

So for the two or three of you who actually stop by frequently, I apologize for being out of the loop this last week.  For most people Labor Day weekend means bbq’s, boat rides, camping trips and any number of other fun activities.  For me Labor Day Weekend means around-the-clock work.  I work in the business of special events and our very most special event, a large music festival, takes place over Labor Day weekend.  I haven’t had more than a few hours sleep since last week and am running on fumes.  But I happen to have just enough fume left in me to share a little of the week with you guys!

Basically from last Monday on my husband had to go on full-time “daddy duty.”  I find it amusing how daddy duty becomes an occasion.  In the days leading up to daddy duty he needed time to prepare, a weekend fishing trip, a few mornings of sleeping in, basically letting mom handle all duties until he officially went on the clock.  And of course, now that Daddy duty has ended and his time card has been punched, he needs wind down time, again letting mom handle all duties while he refreshes. 

Before I continue I should mention that my husband is actually the one that does most of the deep cleaning at our house.  He’s the one that pulls out the vacuum cleaner, scrubs down the base boards, mops the floors.  However, I am the one that does the day to day maintenance, the small things that totally add up if you don’t keep on top of them.  For whatever reason my husband is incapable of taking his dinner dish, rinsing it off and putting it in the dishwasher, yet he’ll spend an hour scrubbing every shelf of the refrigerator until they are spotless.

When I arrived home after my first long day of work, I walked in to find dirty dishes all over the kitchen, every single baby bottle half full and sitting beside the sink, toys covering one side of the living room to the other, and my husband lying on the couch, drinking beer and watching television. 

Completely exhausted I started to do my usual clean-up and then decided, nope, let him figure it out.  Three days later I walked into a clean home.  He had finally gotten the hint that I wasn’t going to take what very little time I had to myself to pick up after them and apparently the mess had finally gotten to him.  

Pleased with his turn around I decided we should get a babysitter on Sunday afternoon and give my husband some free time to come join me for the last day of concerts.  He arrived at the shows around 4pm and an hour later I noticed he seemed a bit tipsy so I asked, “how many drinks have you had,” to which he replied, “plenty.”  Not exactly the answer I was looking for. 

By the end of the shows at 9:30pm he was SMASHED!  Something he assumed he deserved after watching the boys for the week.  So instead of sleeping in on Monday to recover from my busiest week of the year, I got to rise and shine at 6:30am with the boys while Daddy slept away his hangover.

So is this how it works?  A beer for every hour left alone with the kids?  A booze filled celebration of the fact that you were actually able to clean the house up on your own?  Imagine if mom’s worked on this mentality. We’d be drinking mimosa’s for breakfast, followed by a glass of white wine at lunch, a martini with dinner and a beer to go to bed on.  I love a good cocktail but I think that might be a bit much!  I wonder if daddy was thinking that as he lay in misery yesterday.


  1. Hahahaha!!! Andrea, I love it when I hear a dad say, "I have to BABYSIT my kids tonight!" I got a good laugh out of your post! I hope your hubby doesn't have a headache.

  2. Oh I feel your pain, I really do. My husband can't even last the 3 hours it takes me to go into town to grocery shop every other week before he's calling asking when I'll be home. He helps around the house a lot too but then he think he needs some "daddy" time to himself as soon as I get home. Which leaves me to not only juggle kids but also put all the groceries away. *sigh*

  3. I have always loved how fathers get so much credit for "baby-sitting" there own children. Once, when our first child was only a baby I had to go out to an all day confernce, when I got back my son kept trying to get into my bag because he knew I always kept snacks in their. I said to my husband, boy, he is really hungry, did he not eat much lunch? My husband just looked at me and said, "You didn't tell me I was supposed to feed him lunch" I just looked at him and said, Sorry, it did not occur to me that I had to tell you to feed your own child!! He immediately felt like a fool and said you are completly right (one of the few times that has happened! Lol) We never had that problem aganin!!! They do make you want to scream at times though!! Take care!!! Hope you get your mommy day off, and not to work either!!! Lol!!

  4. LOL! It's funny how men can become such babies when it comes to doing the "hard work" moms do to care for the family, but they don't complain an ounce about having to go out of the home to work their butts off to support their family financially. My husband sometimes makes a big fuss over having "babysit" our children so I can get away for some time with a friend or just to go to the doctor. He'll sit with them in front of the TV and then act like it was such a burden on his schedule when I return. When I was on vacation in CA with my daughters, my hubby stayed back in PA for work. While we were gone he decided to surprise me by doing some work on our bathtub. He needed to remove the caulking around the tub and put a fresh layer down. It turns out the total job time took an hour, but he talked about how much of a pain in the butt it was for days after we returned. Don't get me wrong. I appreciate that he put fresh caulking on the tub. Just don't complain about something you did for your wife because you wanted to surprise her.

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  5. I'm with the other girls - it never ceases to amaze me how fathers "babysit" their own kids! Ugh! At least your husband did clean up. I swear mine is totally blind to any mess that exists. After 20 something years of being together, I've finally decided he just doesn't see it.

    I hope he had a bad hangover hehehe. Whenever my hubby has one too many because he works so hard and deserves it (which is becoming too often these days), I get so happy when I see him grabbing the ibuprofen bottle. Am I evil?

    Spilled Milkshake
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  6. I could see many husbands doing this! It's funny how one rewards himself with something that literally makes him sick later. It's also funny how it's so difficult and stressful for a dad to watch the kids alone for an extended time, when most moms do it everyday! My husband will occasionally watch the kids for several hours at a time, but then I come home to a messy house b/c cleaning up as he goes is too difficult (apparently) while watching the kids! Visiting from Members to Remember at vB.

  7. On the few occasions my Dad was left 'in charge', he would shut himself in his study while we were left to reek havoc throughout the house. Mom would come home to a disaster. When she asked Dad how things went, he would tell her that watching us was problem at all!

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  8. My hubby is an extremely good daddy, in my opinion. But, he doesn't usually last more than 2 hours before he starts losing his patience and yelling. He probably wouldn't be able to make it a week! Funny post!
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  9. I have a pretty great husband who is not afraid of dealing with his kids or cleaning... but I swear, if I have to say, "THE KITCHEN IS NOT CLEAN UNLESS YOU WIPE THE COUNTERS OFF!" one more time, things are not going to end well! :) I totally get the "my husband is incapable of taking his dinner dish, rinsing it off and putting it in the dishwasher, yet he’ll spend an hour scrubbing every shelf of the refrigerator until they are spotless" sentiment. :) New follower from the vB blog hop!

  10. Was thinking it until you said it in the last sentnece that the hangover ugh feeling may be all he needed for a little time off the sauce for awhile. I like that you resisted the clean up after work too and let him get to it in a few days. that is hard to do and live with but it really does make long term life easier whne everyone chips in.
    Hope the festival was a great success and thanks for the story.
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  11. Thanks for sharing, that was so funny! Glad he got some time to unwind and that you guys could hang out and have fun. I am impressed that you guys balance out the cleaning so well. I am always the one doing the day to day maintenance (my hubby does work a lot of OT so I cut him a lot of slack) and guess what...deep cleaning never gets done! We have some housecleaners coming this after noon to do a long overdue job. Amen.

  12. I often tell my husband that God forbid anything happen to me. He'd go broke trying to pay someone to do all of the things that I do. It's amazing how different men and women are. How we can love our children with all of our heart and show it so differently. I have yet to leave my husband with our kids overnight... and he's in the military... so I've had my fair share of all alone days... Oh well... it is what it is, right?! love your blog!

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  13. Great story! But, you mean I can't have a mimosa at breakfast, wine with lunch....? It's five o'clock somewhere! Seriously, I think those 10am morning coffee visits back in the 50's & 60's were more than coffee! Coming from vb

  14. Oh dear! I totally understand where you're coming from. If my hubby is leaving for a business trip to Japan for, say, a week and a half (as he's doing fairly soon), he just assumes all will be well in mommy-land... but if I have a band rehearsal or something in the evening he looks at me like a deer in headlights and tells me to wish him luck while I'm gone. LOL! Men!

    I hope you have a great rest of the week! I'm stopping by from voiceBoks to share some comment love!

    Smiles, Jenn

  15. Let's be honest! What are our men thinking? One of my friend's husbands made a comment that taking care of his kids were becoming too overwhelming by himself. What in the world is that? You see that is why we women are made with iron will. We can birth babies, have miserable times of the month and still maintain a household. Can a man do that?

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  16. My brother used the term babysit to my hubs one time and I almost clocked him one. You do not babysit your own kids. Always found the term weird. I love that your hubby watched them, but I can feel you on being frustrated. Mine once was asked to watch the medicated kitty home from the vet while I grabbed his litter box. The poor kitty had surgery and was completely out of it. All I asked was watch him and don't let him out of the cage. I came back in to the room and the cat was out of the cage and tried to jump toward me and landed face first on the tile floor. Imagine what I thought must go on with the kids when I asked him to do things. Good we love them or they would all be living on an island somewhere fending for themselves. Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Oh. Wow.
    I can't even comment.
    Why is it that Dads find the basic Mom duties so challenging and we handle it so effortlessly? You'd think when they do it, their eyes would be opened and they would have a new-found respect for us, but it never seems to work out that way, does it?
    Thanks for the chuckle.
    And thanks for linking up with the TALU!

  18. Oh dear...I don't miss the days of needing Daddy to "babysit". Our kids, ages 17 and 14, are pretty self-sufficient, thankfully. But there was a time...Hang in there girl! Thanks for coming by my blog today! #TALU

  19. It sounds funny when you write about it, but I'm sure it wasn't at the time! (TALU)