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Sunday, September 25, 2011

He Said What?

It’s amazing how much quicker our second son is picking things up.  He sat up sooner than our first, crawled sooner than our first, laughed sooner than our first, and the list just continues to grow.  I have no doubt in my mind I’ll turn around in a few weeks and see him walking towards me.  I assume this is all due to the constant observance of his older brother and the desire to do whatever it is he is doing.

This weekend I sat and listened to him try so hard to form a word that actually made sense to the world.  Jackson and I repeated every nonsense phrase he was babbling and laughed out loud at each one.  This got me thinking that we were probably quite close to hearing that first word come out, and wondering what exactly it would be.

Jackson’s first word was “Boone,” the name of our chocolate lab. This didn’t surprise me in the slightest because it was probably the word that he had heard most often in his short life.  We were constantly yelling at Boone:
“Get away from the baby Boone”
“Boone, quit licking the babies bowl”
“Boone, quit barking or you’ll wake the baby”
“Off the baby’s blanket Boone”
“That’s the babies toy Boone”

So now I ponder, what will Trey’s first word be?  It won’t be Boone for two reasons:
1.       Boone has already been through the drill of a baby in the house and doesn’t need as much instruction anymore
2.       Needless to say the attention the dog is getting is considerably less these days

I spent Sunday carefully listening for the words most often being used in our house to try and get an idea of what that memorable moment might entail.  The results?  Well not exactly what I was expecting:

1.       Jackson: quite obvious of course.  Both my husband and I probably use our first son’s name more times in a day than a grocery store bagger says “paper or plastic?”  However, I don’t think Jackson will make the first word status only due to the fact that it’s two syllables.
2.       Stop: as in:
“Stop hitting your brother”
“Stop crying”
“Stop spitting”
“Stop pulling the dog’s tail”
“Stop opening the refrigerator”
“Stop talking”
You get the point.  This word very well has a good chance of being the first, though I would hate to have to record that.
3.       Poop: yep, this is probably the next most popular word in our home and the one that I pray doesn’t get placed in the baby book as Trey’s first.  I didn’t realize until listening to us closely on Sunday just how popular of a word this is in our home.  Not only do we ask Jackson about 20 times per day, “Do you need to go poop,” we also ask Trey multiple times “did you just have a poop,” and the dog, “do you need to go outside and poop?”  Aside from asking each other about our bowel movements, I’m not sure how many additional times this word can come out of our mouths.  I just hope it doesn't come out of Trey's too soon. 

Knowing this memorable occasion of a first word is just around the corner, I’ll be sure to keep you posted on what comes out.  Out of the mouth that is, you’ve already heard enough about what’s coming out other ends.


  1. You've got me curious now...If I stopped and listened for the words most often used in my house, what would they be? Probably something along the line of "stop". As in, "stop hitting each other, Jake - stop it, Izzy - stop it, etc." Or another popular phrase of mine is "knock it off". I'll have to take a day to listen lol.

    I really hope Trey's first word isn't poop or stop lol!!

  2. giggle, this post made me laugh out loud. A great way to start the day. Can't wait to read the first post fingers crossed it won;t be poop. VB ♥

  3. That is sooo cute! Isn't it fun having kids and pets. We just bought a dog last week. I'm super excited.

  4. I should try recording our conversations for an hour & see what words are most frequently used here. I can guess ours would be similar.

  5. ahhhh, my little boys holds the camera and says something resembling cheese!! Keep us posted

  6. Yeah my baby is wanting to walk to bad it's ridiculous! He's only a little over 7 months old and he's already pulling up to standing! My little darlin is growing up so fast! And lately, all he's wanting to say is "dada, dada, dada.." over and over again! And my husband is loving it! He loves his daddy so much.

  7. #3 is great! Most of my kids first word was 'NO'. need I say more? lol

  8. Love this post! Our first son's word was ball and our second son's first word was mom {of course he us such a mama's boy}. My 21 month old copies everything his big brother does and I mean everything, it's so funny and cute. Can't wait to hear what the first word will be?

  9. I'm trying really hard for Dada as being the first word. Two reasons, he will be repeating it for quite awhile before he can say anything else and also he just adores his Daddy.

    Poop would not be a first word I would want to write down lol! Can't wait to hear what it is!

    Thanks for following I am returning the favor.

  10. Oh my goodness! That gave me QUITE the chuckle! I never really thought about the different words we use the most in the house. And yes, Stop and poop are well known and will probably be picked up by our 2 yr old very soon. lol.

    Such a great article! I'm glad I found you via VB.

  11. See, now I had a girl first and I thought something was wrong with my son because he did everything so much later than her. It's just not right when you have a girl first! Ruins your sense of of a timeline. HAHA. My poor son, he was tortured being brought to the pediatrician so often asking "what's wrong with him, why isn't he talking yet, or walking yet, he's 9 months old." Every time he'd tell me "he's fine, he's just different and a BOY!"
    Visiting from vB and members to remember.