Mommy's Juice!: The Friday Funnies #8   

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Friday Funnies #8

Here’s a little chuckle to start off the weekend!  Have a great one!

Last week my son had us hiding from monsters, this week it was sharks.  Next week I am going to suggest we hide from mommy’s who have been stuck inside the house with two kids for ten hours on a rainy day.

What my dad says every single time he talks to our 3-year old on the phone: “I didn’t understand a single word he said.”

I pulled over this morning to say hi to a friend and while we were talking Jackson was screaming my friend’s name over and over again in the backseat as if his hair was on fire.  We paused at last for this:
Friend: “Hi Jackson”
Jackson: “You know what?”
Friend: “What?”
Jackson: “Boone took a big poop in the yard!”
At least he was interrupting with an emergency situation.

Am I terrible parent for not correcting Jackson when he says things like, “what’s that fer” instead of “what’s that for” because I think it sounds cute?

As I lay in bed a few mornings ago, trying to get a few extra winks of sleep, I continually heard Jackson requesting a “gorilla bar” for breakfast from his Dad, who continually repeated, “I don’t know what a gorilla bar is.”  After the twentieth or so exchange of these two phrases I finally picked my head off the pillow and yelled at the top of my lungs, “he means a granola bar you idiot!”

Is it too early to start using Santa as bribery?  I’ve already started threatening no presents from Santa if you don’t behave.  I hope it doesn’t lose steam before Halloween.

I fed Trey baby yogurt for the first time this week and his big brother was quite jealous.  I threw him a bite here and there but made sure Trey got the majority of it.  I guess he felt he hadn't gotten enough since when I turned around from throwing the empty container in the garbage I found Jackson licking yogurt off of Trey's messy face.


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  2. Do you do Elf on a Shelf? Not sure if your kids are too young or not but I bought it for my niece and nephew last year and it does wonders!!

  3. How funny! My mom bought the Elf on the Shelf last year. It's in our garage. I had totally forgotten about it. Great idea Dee!

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