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Monday, August 29, 2011

From the Oldest to the Youngest, With Love

My Little Sister w/her husband &
her nephew Jackson
Here we go….  Trey, my eight-month old, is now fully mobile.  He started to crawl a couple of weeks ago and hasn’t stopped since. 

This actually doesn’t surprise me at all, when I was pregnant with Trey I constantly had what I call “alien baby.”  My stomach would move around from right to left to center with little feet and hands in constant movement.  Even the ultra-sound technician commented, “he’s going to be a wild one.”  I couldn’t have agreed more and warned my husband, “just wait, this one is going to be a handful.  He’s going to make Jackson look like an angel.”  To which he replied, “no way, Jackson will always be the wild one.”  And yet again, my husband has been proven wrong.  Okay, so Trey isn’t exactly “wild” yet, but his activity level is three times what Jackson’s was at his age.

Is this a second child thing?  They know they aren’t going to get the full attention their older siblings got so they go out of their way to make you take notice.  Or is it that mom slacked off a little on the second pregnancy and went ahead and drank all the cokes she wanted, ate all the ice cream she wanted, slept very little and chased older brother around all day? 

I suppose the more likely scenario is a baby boy watching his older brother and wanting so very badly to be able to do everything he does.  This is why Trey has taken to following Jackson around the house.  Wherever Jackson goes, Trey starts crawling behind as fast as he can so he doesn’t miss a single bit of the excitement. 

Jackson is already getting annoyed and I know it’s only bound to get worse.  Being an older sibling I can feel his pain.   Apparently a few days after my sister was born my parents woke up in the middle of the night to me standing in their bedroom screaming, “take her back, take her back!”  And so began many years of torture from older sister to younger.

I remember when they made us start taking a bath together.  I told her that there was a little man that lived in the drain and if she got too close he would suck her down.  I would sit through the entire bath and talk to the little man, just to make sure she knew I was serious.  This whole story was made up of course so that I could sit by the faucet where the water was always warmer. 

I can also take responsibility for teaching her to read.  Unfortunately I taught her how to do it backwards.  I guess I didn’t want her to look smarter than myself.  My little gig was up when we went out to eat and she asked if she could order for herself.  My parents sat by full of pride until she announced she’d like to have a P-U-7 to drink. 

I pushed her down the stairs which led to stitches in her chin.  I fed her poisonous berries which led to her stomach being pumped.  And I loved her more than any other person in my life through it all.

Who knows what stories Jackson will be telling one day about the pranks he played on his little brother.  I’m sure there will be plenty.  But for now, my advice to Jackson would be to start working on the cardio, because it looks like little brother is going to be a handful!


  1. Hahaha! That story about the drain is great! I'm a younger sibling myself, but watching my own kids I see the frustration my older one has. Just his morning he said, "Why does she have to borrow all my stuff?!" When I told him he could borrow her stuff, he rolled his eyes and said, "Mom. What am I going to do with a Winnie-the-Pooh stuffed animal?" LOL!

  2. Oh my! I'm glad my older sister never did any of those things to me.

    I just have the one boy. He moved around when I was pregnant so much I only knew he'd be a handful... and he'd be a soccer player. I can't imagine a number two with more spunk. I'd die! LOL

    Following you from the Voiceboks GFC hop.

  3. Oh my gosh so funny, I never thought to do stuff like that to my younger sister. I hopped over from VB to become your newest GFC follower. Have a fantastic week! WV Stitcher

  4. I'm often amazed how each of my four is so different from the other three. It's as if they were each pre-programmed with their own set of options. They are each such a joy and I try to celebrate their differences.

  5. It is funny how the same kids, raised by the same parents can be so different. That's what brings such joy to family life. That drain story is some good imagination. I don't think I would have ever gotten back in the tub if my sister had told me that! Just stopping by to show some voiceBoks love!