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Monday, August 8, 2011

Love at First Sight? Not Exactly....

People love to ask the question, “how did you meet your husband?”  I’d be a liar if I said it didn’t interest me to hear how other couples met as well.  Usually it’s something boring like, “we went to college together,” or “we met through a mutual friend.”  But every now and then you actually get a good one that starts off with something like “I had gone to Vegas with some friends for the weekend,” those are the ones that I like to hear.

For me, my story starts off with, “when I first met him I actually hated his guts.”  And this is no exaggeration whatsoever.  I truly thought at that time that my future husband was one of the rudest, laziest, obnoxious people I had ever met.  And because he was going through his “Phish Phase” he also had bad hair!  I guess he thought hippy long was in, when in fact, if you combine hippy long with frizzy what you come out with is so, so, very far from in.

We met at work.  At the time I was the Front Desk Supervisor at an athletic club and he was, for all intents and purposes, the pool boy.  It was his job to come in each night and clean the hot tubs and pools, while also straightening up the weight room.  This was one of probably four jobs he held at the time and if his work ethic showed anything I ‘m going to guess it was at the bottom of his list of priorities.

For some reason, he seemed to think it was okay to come to work and clock-in, then leave, come back at the end of the night, do his six hour job in twenty minutes and clock-out.  This meant in his absence I was left picking up sweaty towels and recycling water bottles.  Of course I could have snitched on him, but I was too cool for that.  Instead I just complained about what a douche bag he was to my co-workers, who all seemed to absolutely love him and think he was just the greatest guy ever.

Then one day, my negative opinion of the future father of my children, was changed.  (and for the record, this occurred after he had cut his hair!)  He called in to let me know he was running late that day.  Surprise, surprise!  I had been having a particularly bad day and I guess it was evident in our conversation because he asked what was bothering me.  I believe I rattled off a few things then hung up the phone.  An hour later, when his sorry ass showed up for work, he walked up to my desk with three items.  He said, “I didn’t know which one of these would cheer you up but I figured at least one would work.”  At that point he handed me:
1. A candy bar
2. A Diet Coke
3. A Beer

Every negative emotion I had towards this boy man had suddenly changed.  Don’t ask me why this small token of kindness touched me the way it did, but it had happened.  A few weeks later we went out for drinks and from there it’s history.. 

No, it was far from love at first site, but it’s our story, and so far it’s been a pretty good one!    


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  2. this made me laugh out loud! so cute and funny! :)
    your blog is great! thanks for stopping by mine ~ following you back!


  3. Hah, cute. My husband and I always joke that we fell in love at second sight.

  4. aww!! that is TOO cute - and definitely a good story :)

  5. Stopping by from the vbs! This is a great story! It is always the ones we least expect.

  6. I have truly enjoyed ready your blog tha last few days. I have awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you can stop by my page an acceot the award.

  7. What a great story! Love your blog!

  8. Wow, what a turn around! I agree with the hair thing too. When I met my husband, he had just shaved his hair, but apparently he had that same Phish Phase hair as well. It was only a matter of time before he grew it out again. It's a good thing I met him when it was short or I'd never have given him a second glance with that hair!

    Btw, which did you take? The candy bar, diet coke or beer?

  9. My love story sort of started out the same way. I didn't hate him but I wasn't impressed at all. Your post made me laugh. It's funny how we are attracted to different people.

  10. so I guess men aren't the only one's whose hearts can be reached through the stomachs ;) great story!