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Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Sorry, Who Said That?

When I went to see my doctor for my annual exam last week I found myself asking a question that I never expected to come out of my mouth, “so if we decide to have another baby everything looks good, right?”  As  I heard this question asked my mind was screaming, “exactly who is this crack head that has taken over and how do we get rid of her?”

If you had asked me during the first year of my oldest son’s life whether we planned to give him a baby brother or sister the answer would have been a stern, “hell no!”  But after a few more months the thought of another child didn’t seem like such an utter nightmare.  After we had our second son I knew, beyond a doubt, we were done.  And yet, I still asked my doctor the question which opened the door to the thought.

As I pondered why I may have had this impulse to inquire on future pregnancies I thought of the two pregnant women I encountered when arriving at the doctor’s office that day.  Both seemed so happy as they waited for their appointments as I sat dreading mine.  I guess a pang of jealousy actually hit me as I began reminiscing about when I was pregnant and how exciting a time it was.  Hence, this must be why a crazy person popped into my head and began instructing my mouth to ask the doctor outrageous things.

Jealousy at pregnant women?  Yes, I know this sounds impossible.  Who would want to be pregnant again?  But I must admit, both of my pregnancies were relatively easy and I actually found a lot of the benefits of pregnancy outweighed the negatives.  For instance:

When visibly pregnant:
-          cars actually stop for you when you’re crossing the road
-     strangers actually open doors for you and always offer to assist if they see you carrying anything that looks as if it could be heavy
-          assuming you shouldn’t be on your feet too long, those with more items in their cart at the grocery store will actually let you in front of them

And these are just the perks from strangers!  When your spouse knows you’re pregnant:
-          he allows you to sleep in most mornings, realizing of course that you need your rest
-          he lets you have the last piece of pizza, even though he really wants it, because he knows you are eating for two
-          he often brings home ice cream and other treats because he realizes how miserable you are without a glass of wine
-          my personal favorite: he doesn’t like for you to clean because the chemicals in the cleaning supplies could hurt the baby (now of course, we all know this isn’t true, but I didn’t see any reason in clearing that up for him)

During my second pregnancy I actually got put on bed rest for a period in my third trimester.  It felt like I had won the jackpot!  Breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed, no running after our 2 year old, no rushing around getting things ready for the new arrival…just Millionaire Matchmaker marathons, People Magazines and plenty of dessert!

So yes, I could definitely handle a third pregnancy.  A third child though??  Well that one I’m going to have to ponder a little longer…


  1. Just started following your blog. Added your blog to my new blog page on my blog so that I can genuinely read & follow you! Found you on vB. I can totally relate to this post. I don't want, need, or think I can handle a 3rd child, but I don't exactly want to shut the door on it either... weird, I know. It's definitely that feeling of, "I'm pregnant, therefore special & fragile... Where's the ice cream?" that keeps me kinda liking the idea of it. But the reality of it is a big NO! :)

  2. Is it bad that I just had one and I do not want anymore period....Oh man

  3. My husband and I are constantly tossing the idea of 3 children around. We only have one right now and are trying for a second. I would love to have 3 (there are 3 in my family) but my husband wants only two. I have been gradually working on him and I think he may come around but with my luck, he'll decided he does want 3 and I will end up changing my mind after the 2nd!

    New GFC & Twitter follower. Found you through VB.

    Kristen from

  4. First let me say, hubby IS right about the cleaning supplies but gosh, you are SO right about everything What a fantastic post and a great blog! We are about to have twins and we are already talking about three so we must really be crazy!
    Stopping by from VB!

  5. Oh, that's funny! My boys are 5 & 6 and while a year ago I'd think about another, the overall final thought is "no way!" I had no prob going from #1 to #2, but #1 was only 9mos! Had I known how #1 would be from 2-5yrs he'd be a singleton! Following from vb.

  6. This is on my mind so much! I have two kids (9 & 6) so now that they're in school full day, I could handle a third right?! This always hits me during the summer of course, when life is pretty easy at home. But when school actually is in session, I'm reminded of the struggles of homework and running around that comes with it. That's when I wonder if a third is the thought of a raving lunatic!

    The Smile Conquest Day 55 A Spider Ate My Grump

  7. Hi, new follower from vB. Good article...I also have 2 kids and just had my annual! However, I did not ask the same questions you did. I asked what are my birth control options other than the pill! It's a very tough decision. 98% of the time I know we are done. 2% of the time I think maybe...but sooner than not I come to my senses and realize I'm superbly happy and perfectly content with my two wonderful kids.

  8. I thought for awhile about having 3 and decided not to. It's a decision women "back in the day" before birth control didn't have to make. I mean, it's REAAAAAAALLLLYYY a big decision and most women have to make it. It's pretty darn heavy....either way! Good luck with that one! :) Following from VoiceBoks.

  9. I am jealous of pregnant women. Always. What I wouldn't give to not feel the need to suck in my stomach...

    All kidding aside, I wouldn't mind having another child. But, since the doctors all agree that I shouldn't have another and my DH had "the permanent" solution, well, I guess I'll just continue to smile and offer my usual "Congratulations!" to the pregnant women around me :-)

  10. Yeah, I had the same thoughts until we were surprised with #4! I am no longer jealous of pregnant women.

  11. Coming by from VB. Love the post. Sometimes, it's nice to know we CAN do something again regardless of the desire. Whether you have another child is up to you but it's nice to know you can.

    Best wishes,


  12. Stopping by from VB and I am right there with you. We are actually in the process of adopting a second child. Sometimes I think that I must be a crazy woman. Two children within a year of each other and under 3 years old, oy!

  13. I must have been going to the wrong places, I was surprised at how many people would let doors nearly slam in my face after them when I was pregnant (and they were mostly women).
    I seriously doubt I will ever find myself with pregnancy envy - it just my 'thing'. Thank goodness we agreed on one and done!

  14. I am so glad that I don't think about that anymore. Even after four beautiful babies I got the pregnancy urge to have another every now and again. Now I am happy with all the grandchildren. Stopping by from VB.
    Hope you have a great week.

  15. Your friend and my co-worker Karen W. told me about your blog!! Totally funny! Your newest follower.

  16. You are too Funny!!! Oddly enough I just had the conversation with my hubby about a third!

  17. LOL! I had to laugh at this because I being pregnant is exciting. And I had horrible pregnancies. But yes, the anticipation and all the fun stuff that surrounds it. But at 3 we are DONE. I've found that more exciting than being pregnant is knowing we are done and I can get back in my pants. :-)

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