Mommy's Juice!: The Friday Funnies #5   

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Friday Funnies #5

I have to say this was most certainly a funny week.  Debating Ritalin….
Have a great weekend!

Trey, our 8-month old has an ear infection, on top of teething.  On Sunday night he was crying hysterically and nothing we did would stop it.  As I was putting our oldest to bed I suddenly heard silence.  I walked out to find my husband had taken the baby outside to his truck and was blasting Guns n Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” as loud as possible.  Redneck: yes. A little embarrassing for the neighbors to hear: yes. But quite frankly I could care less, it worked.

Is it wrong that when I play my son at Candy Land I REALLY want to win?

Jackson: Where did you put the chocolate?
Me: I hid it.
Jackson: Oh...well that's not good.

We are in potty training HELL!  My 3-year old has no problem peeing on the potty, but poop is a whole other issue.  In all he has probably pooped on the potty five times.  And yet, at a very busy park last weekend (with no restroom might I add) he informs me that he has to go poo.  And so we head into the woods.  Not once, but three times!  Did I mention I had forgotten wipes that day?  I got to use leaves to wipe his ass.  May I also mention, he hasn’t told me he had to go poop one time since that day in the woods.

After hitting my husband with a Nerf ball as he was walking out the door my 3-year old demanded I go outside and apologize or he would have to put me time-out.

It is very rare that I change hair styles, but feeling brave this week I decided to try adding a little red to my color.  When I got home my husband looked at me and said, “wow, purple?”  I cried for an hour.  Why do men speak?


  1. You CRACK me up!! Seriously. THanks for the laughts :)

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. Funny! I feel the same way about all you have said! I think you look beautiful!

  3. LOL this just made my night!

  4. My 11 month old and I were just jamming to Paradise City the other day on the way home, she was laughing the whole time. Whatever keeps 'em calm or makes 'em laugh!

  5. I love your stories! Really funny! My kids also tell me to apologize to my husband if I happen to playfully hit him with something. That's so sweet!
    Visiting from voicebox,

  6. follower from the hop. We are in potty training HELL too! I hate it and just want it to end. Going poop has been a challenge for us too. My little guy was doing better when we first started and now it's like he is just being LAZY!
    I just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog! Please Check it out: and I hope you accept! Thanks a bunch!