Mommy's Juice!: Friday Funnies #4   

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Funnies #4

I think I will always remember this as the week the terrible three’s kicked in.  Two’s were a joke compared to this.  Wish me luck over the weekend!

Happy Friday!

Tell me this little swing trick wasn’t freaking genius! 

Bad parenting move of the week: when the baby woke up at midnight crying because he had peed all over himself in the crib, was it bad of me to clean him up but leave the sheets on and simply move him to the opposite side of the crib?

Upon arrival at his friend’s birthday party the very first words out of my son’s mouth, “where is the cake?”

Jackson now insists on dressing himself and for whatever reason always puts his underwear and shorts on backwards.  So now I have a 3-year old with plumbers butt.

We’ve got ourselves a crawler!!  Trey, at almost 8 months, is now all over the place.  He literally doesn’t stop moving, which I totally expected from him considering when I was pregnant my stomach looked like something you would see on aliens. 

Is anyone surprised that Casey Anthony was voted most hated person in America?  I’m even less surprised that Spencer Pratt came in second.  What a tool he is!  In fact the only surprise for me was that Rosie O'Donnell didn’t make the top ten.  Who actually likes her?  Then there's Gene Simmons, yuck!  I could go on all day...

I was so excited when my brother-in-law sent Jackson a Snoopy Sno-Cone maker!  I remember having one when I was a kid and loved it!  Well, those days are over.  That thing is a total pain in the ass!  Unless your goal is to build arm muscles instead of just giving your kid a treat, I would suggest avoiding this little prize at all costs.

Did I mention that the recipe for the Sno-Machine juice called for one cup of sugar and half a cup of water??  Yet another reason to avoid the Peanuts crew.


  1. Oh these were great! Thanks for the laugh! And no, it wasn't bad that you just moved him to the opposite side of the crib. When my twins were itty bitty and still shared a crib and messed it up good, I just threw a blanket over it, tucking it around the mattress to make sure it didn't come loose. Mama, need our sleep! lol

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  2. Funny stuff! I have done the crib thing! My 3YO does the same thing with his underwear and pants! Have a great weekend!

  3. I heard the twisted 3's are worse than the terrible two's...good luck mine is hitting the T2's at 18 months....

  4. LMAO!! So funny!

    I have done the crib trick myself, so, no, I don't think it's bad.

    Casey Anthony being most hated doesn't suprise me in the least. I am still in shock over the "not guilty"...

    I have a Snoopy sno cone maker pinned on pinterest. I guess I'll not buy one lol. I have no desire to work out my arms!!

  5. Following from the Blog Hop...I am an NC girl too. THanks for the laugh!


  6. Hi there... thank you for the follow earlier, and am here to follow you back. Alas, was trying to find the following button.. but it's not appearing anywhere in sight...

    But know that I enjoyed them immensely, reading your posts. They cracked me up!

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    Have a great weekend, friend :)

  7. That sheet situation is why I spent the money for the dumb sheet protectors that cover up the cuteness of the sheets. So far so good (of course we haven't had any bad leaks or explosions at night)
    PS there is an award for you on my blog!!!

  8. Very funny! Visiting via FNFW blog hop.
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  9. Cute picture!
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  10. Ha I'm not a parent but i can totally see myself doing the crib thing! Great blog, am a new follower :).

  11. Heheeheee, I've totally done the crib thing! He was too young to do much moving around, I wasn't worried that he'd wiggle his way back to it! :D

    Dropping off some love from the Wild Weekend Hop. <3

    Smile and Mama With Me

  12. 3's are for sure WORSE than the 2's!!! In fact, my two boys were ANGELS when they were 2....when 3 came along, the devil showed up! My baby girl is only 21 months so time will tell with her. Have definitely done the crib thing....just placed another sheet over the wet spot until morning. My 3 year old son went through the putting on underwear backwards stage! Still does it on occasion.... Good to know about the Sno Cone maker, I thought about getting one... Love your post! New follower from VB's.

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  14. Love your little ranting list! I had that Snoopy Sno-Cone machiene when I was a kid too! I can't believe its 2:1 sugar!! And yeah, the hand crank would be a pain. New follower from the Wed. hop!
    Sarah @ made in usa challenge