Mommy's Juice!: The Friday Funnies #3   

Friday, August 5, 2011

The Friday Funnies #3

My Little "Prince"

Another Friday, another funny wrap up of the week.
Happy Friday to all!!  Make it a good one!

I walked in on my 3-year old in the bathroom with a jar of Vaseline, a soap dispenser and a hairbrush, staring intensely in the mirror while greasing his hair up like Emilio Estevez in the Outsiders.  When I asked him what he was doing he replied, “I have to be a prince.”  Well there you go.  Three baths later I think the gunk is finally gone.

Me: "Jackson, why is Trey crying?"
Jackson: "I hit him in the head."
Me: "Can’t you come up with anything better than that”
Seriously, the kid’s going to be a terrible poker player.

I’ve noticed the Wordless Wednesday trend for mommy bloggers.  Love the idea, unfortunately as the senior voted Most Talkative at Northeast Guilford High School class of ’93, I would feel uncomfortable ever going wordless.  Gotta keep the rep up you know?

When you get an email, text and voice message from three different friends apologizing for their behavior the night before, you know a good time was had by all!

You don’t realize how much you yell until you can’t do it.  I was sick this week and lost my voice.  I can’t tell you how many times I went to yell and only heard a faint whisper come out.  A true miracle for my son, and possibly my husband too!

If the good people of Italy didn’t hate American’s before, I’m just going to guess a visit from the Jersey Shore has changed their minds.

“Here comes the train!” – comment made to me while I had the 3-year old in the stroller and the baby in the Bjorn walking through a Fair last weekend.  That person had a beer in their hand, I did not…


  1. *giggle. giggle*

    Thanks for reminding me that Jersey Shore is returning for a new season in Italy--

    Not that the "most studious, most serious, most follow-the-rules kinda girl" from the CHS class of 1994 would watch such garbage ;-)

  2. stopping by from VB-thanks for the funnies! I haven't had the Vaseline incident happen with my son, but he has gotten into the scissors!

  3. Great post! Dropping by from voiceboks! I'm your newest follower- on twitter too! Come see me @ (it's all about the dessert!)


  4. That's a great picture, love it! :) And I'm with you on the Italy thing. Not the best representation of our country...but a very funny one.


  5. the guy with the beer should've been run over by the train1 That is straight from "Most School Spirit" of Wren High Class of 92

  6. I pretend like I'm doing wordless Wednesday, but I'm talkative too. I don't think I've ever posted one without at least a comment. :) Only paddling I ever got in school too, for talking, back when they still paddled you in school!
    Thanks for the visit and follow @ Life or Something Like It. Following back!

  7. You have such a great blog! your little man is adorable! I am visiting from vB! I am your newest follower and would love for you to check out my blog and follow me too! Thanks!

  8. Great posts again! And I love the story about how you met your husband. I have one of those boring we met at work stories :)