Mommy's Juice!: Blue Dishes and a Little Barf   

Monday, August 1, 2011

Blue Dishes and a Little Barf

Checking Out the New Place

When it became quite obvious that the old-school 1920’s cabin with slanted floors, mice in the ceiling, and grass growing out of the sideboards, was not a practical home for our toddler, my husband and I decided it was time to quit pretending we were cool and admit we were now uncool parents who needed an uncool house for our kids to grow up in.  As luck would have it a brand new duplex was built in our neighborhood right around this time and we were fortunate enough to purchase it.  Granted, this is a small duplex that was delivered on the back of a semi truck, but considering we live in one of the most expensive zip codes in the nation it feels like country club living to us.  Our old log cabin, full of so much character and history, was replaced with a new beginning, empty of any character whatsoever but necessary. 

Never, in my entire life, had I lived in a brand new home.  The smell, the clean floorboards, the appliances that still had the stickers on, and the very best part, my first ever dishwasher!  My parents decided to spring for one after my sister and I had moved out and they had officially lost their manual labor dishwashers.  I could not wait to put this glorious new addition in my life to use.

We moved in shortly before Christmas when my son was 1 and a half.  My first order of business was to get a Christmas tree and start making our memories.  For my husband, who was also living in his first ever brand new home, getting settled seemed less of a priority than trying to make sure we didn’t mess a single thing up.  Me, I’m more of a realist, I knew with a toddler in the house there wasn’t a chance that new smell was going to last long.  And as usual, I was right! 

Christmas Eve we had our first get together at the house with another couple and their two young girls.  Not fifteen minutes into the visit out of nowhere their 3 year old began projectile vomiting all over the brand new carpet in our living room.  I could just see my husband cringe as the first of many smelly, unpleasant occurrences took place in home sweet home.    

Shortly after the New Year, when pulling dishes out of my new favorite appliance, I noticed they all had a blue tint to them.  WTF??  My husband, while telling me how I don’t know how to do anything right, refilled the washer and ran it again.  Low and behold, blue dishes again, and again, and again.  Granted, neither of us had a dishwasher background, but could we seriously be that lost in the past that we couldn’t figure this out.  Hell, if I can figure out how to put an app on an iphone I damn well better be able to figure out how to run a dishwasher.  So I began taking it apart, piece by piece, and as I disabled the silverware tray the culprit appears: a blue crayon, conveniently placed there by our son.  Mystery solved.

Since then our poor brand new home has suffered the colored murals of a 2-year old on the walls, red wine stained carpets, stickers stuck to toilets and floors that seem impossible to remove, and many numbers of other mishaps which often bring a good chuckle, and often don’t.  Through it all I continue to comfort my husband, who is heart-broken over what could have been, with a simple fact: we’re just creating the character I was looking for and I love it!


  1. Owning a home is such an incredible feeling and having a family to share it with is even better! Nice post!

  2. Crayons have played a major role in much of our home's decor but never to my dishes. I enjoyed your story very much.

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  4. When do I get to have my own home? Hehehe I'm not losing hope!

    Stopping by from voiceboks :-)

  5. Sounds perfect! Checking you out from voiceboks.