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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Today when I dropped my three year old off at daycare his teacher announced that they had a new friend in class.  She introduced Mason to my son who immediately says hello and starts to play with his new friend. 

Afterwards as I was driving to work I thought of how great it would be if it was always that easy to make friends.  For my son, every single kid in his daycare is his “friend.”  And when one friend throws sand at another friend instead of fighting they are taught to use their “words.”  

I began imagining a world where we continue this positive behavior as we grow older.  There would no longer be a popular crowd to make fun of the nerds because they would all be the same crowd.  Band geeks would start scoring as much as the football team (and of course I’m not talking about points on the board).  The dude who picks his nose all day would be eating at the same lunch table as the homecoming queen. 

Lawyers would be driving Hyundai’s instead of BMW’s because when we’re all “friends” using our “words” we aren’t divorcing or murdering quite as much.  That would also mean that jails would be less crowded so people like Lindsay Lohan can actually finish out their entire sentences. 

How different might things have been if I had used “words” with my ex-boyfriend instead of slapping him across the face when I thought he had been cheating on me?  Instead of screaming profanities I could have simply said, “Friend, what you have done with that trashy blonde has hurt me.  I don’t like it, I don’t like it.”  Maybe then we could have worked things out and continued our “friendly” relationship.

I’m not really sure at what point our “friends” start becoming that weird kid we once went to daycare with but don’t even say hello to on the bus.  Or when the “words” we use tend to be four letters long and spit out in a very loud voice.  I guess I’ll be finding out soon as my son grows up.  For now I’m just happy he has so many friends!     

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  1. Glad he's friends now. I moved to Colorado about a year ago and it's been interesting weaving meeting new people into the day-to-day living. Lived in NC for a bit on the east side, but grew up in Georgia near the west side. Found you through the Bloggy Mom's site.