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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Name Game

Travis Two & Three

Naming a child is far from an easy process for most people.  Granted, there are couples who have their children’s names picked out years before the double pink line appears on the stick.  Usually these are the traditional folks who want to honor family members by carrying on their names.  I think that’s a lovely idea but unfortunately I had names to choose from like Melba, Edgar and Lois.  Sorry, I’m just not doing that to a kid. 

I did however have a boy name picked out, not from family, but from one of the best southern movies ever made, Steel Magnolias.  From the moment Shelby married Jackson I knew there would be a Jackson in my future.  This was before the name became as popular as it is today and I can’t tell you how angry I got as years before I became pregnant I saw Jackson after Jackson’s being born all over the place.  But I stuck to what I wanted which was luckily a name my husband liked as well.  Obviously I didn’t tell him at the time that I had chosen the name from a Julia Roberts movie.  After Jackson was born he overheard me telling a friend how I had come up with the name and needless to say he was not happy.  He has asked me to never tell anyone this again but a fact is a fact!

Naming our second child wasn’t as easy.  This time we knew in advance we were having a boy so we had time to prepare.  My husband felt that since I had come up with Jackson’s name that he should be the one to chose this time and he had chosen Austin.  I don’t dislike the name the Austin, however, I have never been to Austin, Texas.  I’ve heard good things about the city, but who’s to say that I don’t visit there one day and have a terrible experience.  Maybe I get mugged in Austin, maybe I get arrested for public drunkenness there??  Then what?  I have to spend the rest of my life calling my child the name of a place that holds such a horrible memory for me?  Sorry, couldn’t do it. 

And so began hours of trying to come up with a name that would steer my husband away from baby Austin.  There are so many things to consider when naming a child.  What cruel nickname could come out of your choice?  I like the name Luke but would hate for him to be called Dookey Lukey.  Initials should always be considered as well.  I overheard a father in the hospital proudly telling the nurses that he had come up with his baby girls name “Aspen Skye,” then he rather reluctantly mentioned that he hadn’t considered his last name “Sanchez” when making that decision.  ASS it is!

Eventually I came up with a name I knew my husband couldn’t refuse, his own!  My husband, Travis, was given his father’s first name with a different middle name.  I’m not a huge fan of the name Travis (which oddly enough was the name my parents were planning to give me if I had been a boy) but I do love the name Trey.  And since he would be a non-traditional third it worked.  So baby Trey it was!  Which I was completely thrilled with, even though my sister said it “was a little too Boyz in the Hood.” 

A few months after Trey was born, fate came back to bite me.  As I was driving to work I heard a Phish song on the radio and the light bulb went off.  For those of you who know Phish I am sure you know the lead singers name, Trey Anastasio.  My husband just happens to be a huge Phish fan.  I immediately called him and received the response of “duh, why do you think agreed to that name?  You got your Steel Magnolias baby and I got my Phish fan.”  Isn’t it funny how things work out?


  1. My 1st was a Michael- way too common for me. So I named my 2nd son Brynn, a name his brother found on a baseball card (Bryn Smith...)

    Now there seem to be tons of girls named Bryn- he is not happy. But he's 20 y/o...he'll get over it!

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  3. Hahahaha! That's a great story and one you'll treasure! It's so interesting to me how people come up with baby names. I have 6 kids and there's a story behind each one. Perhaps you've inspired a blog post!

    Welcome to voiceBoks! I'm happily following your blog and look forward to reading more!


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  5. That's great. I was wondering if there was going to be a twist. I like the name Trey, better than JB. (WSP) New follower from VB!

  6. What a great story!!! I love the symetery with you getting the movie name and your husband getting the band!!! My husband was (still is ) a huge Grateful Dead fan and really wanted Jerry!! No such luck!! I'm afraid we have very tradtional names but since I'm Kathy, and my husband's name is Joe it works. Thomas, Elizabeth and Peter!!! Very creative I know!! I'm thrilled to find you on VoiceBoks and am happily following you!!

  7. Great story.My youngest is 9 and I am still trying to negotiate my way. He has a name but it isn't the name I wanted. New Follower. Love the humor. Come have a laugh on me

  8. Is always intresting how parents work so hard to get the right name and NOMATTER what at some point in their life the child wants to change it, or they don't like the story of their name etc.....
    LOVE your style of writing!
    New follower from vB

  9. I love stories of names, and I could so relate to not wanting to name your child something that would bring up negative associations. As a former high school teacher, I nixed so many names because of the memories they conjured :-)

    My husband and I were just marveling the other day at how we ever agreed on names (that we still think are perfect). We usually can't agree on what to have for dinner!

    ~your newest follower from VB!

  10. LOVE the name Jackson, and the reason you came up with it. That is one of my all time favorite movies, even though I'm always a snotty, swollen, crying mess at the end. And can I just say that I almost spit my coffee out at "Dookey Lukey"? Hilarious!

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  12. I died at the Dookey Lukey! LMAO!

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