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Friday, June 24, 2011

Why Teen Mom is a Good Show

I must admit, one of my (many) guilty pleasures is reality television.  It all started with Julie and Eric in season 1 of the Real World in New York.  Today it includes everything from the Real Housewives of Atlanta (who knew that city was so classy?), to the Millionaire Matchmaker (does she ever get one right?), to one of my personal favorites, Teen Mom.
I know there are many people who feel this show actually encourages teen pregnancy and the celebrity status of these teen moms.  I beg to differ.  I have to believe that when my son’s are old enough to watch Teen Mom it will not only encourage them to hold off on sex, but will leave them terrified that all teenage girls are a hot mess like these chicks and they won’t begin dating until their twenties.  As for the girls watching the program, hello, if looking at that poor Leah raising twins with her husband of two weeks doesn’t open their eyes to how difficult it is to be Teen Mom then there is no helping them.  Any teenager who watches that show and actually thinks teen pregnancy looks fun is obviously not the brightest of the bunch and probably wasn’t looking at a college career anyway, so go for it. 
 Personally, I enjoy watching the show for the boost in self-esteem it gives me each week.  Not that these girls are necessarily bad mothers, but I think I’ve got a few up on them.  Degrees, check!  Job, check!  Insurance, check! A roof over my kid’s head, check!  All outstanding warrants for my arrest handled, check!  I think I’m looking pretty good next to Farrah, Macie and Chelsea.  And if you put me beside Amber and Janelle I might just win the Mother of the Year Award.  Those two, WOW!  Sometimes I feel like the channel has been changed when they come on and I’m no longer watching Teen Mom but some other show featuring the early years of the female contestants on Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.  Hot Mess isn’t even a strong enough term for those two.  Sadly I did just hear that Amber was contemplating suicide.  Hopefully in such conditions baby daddy has stepped in and taken over.   Thank goodness Janelle’s mom was smart enough to take custody of her grandchild.  I look forward to seeing Janelle in a future season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, you know it’s bound to happen!
Yes, the show has placed these girls into a celebrity status but has that made their life any easier?  I’m going to venture a guess of no.  But hopefully it will make many of our lives easier, by ensuring we aren’t grandparents before our kids reach 12th grade!

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