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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's Your Sign?

Taking a walk one day when I was about eight months pregnant with my first son I was stopped by an older couple who asked when I was due.  Upon telling them the date the gentleman said “ah, a Gemini like me.”  “Oh no,” exclaimed his wife, “not the twins.”  I of course am not a believer in astrology.  Mainly because my sign is Cancer and other than being crabby for the majority of the day, I really don’t seem to have any of the other Cancer traits.  Cancers are known to be patient, if I have to wait more than one minute at the Wendy’s drive through lane I’ll pull right out of line regardless of whether my order has been placed yet or not.  Cancers are also considered peacemakers, I myself love to stir the pot and thoroughly enjoy watching a good spat from time to time.  Then there’s that whole nurturing thing that cancers tend to have.  Yep, there goes another gene that missed my pool!

I also find horoscopes ridiculous.  And the fact that there are actually people out there revolving their entire days around what they pick up in the paper each morning is absurd.  I am certain the majority of horoscopes put out on a daily basis aren’t written by actual “astrologers” (which by the way, is this something you can major in at college?) but by some Dear Abby type who has the extra time on their hands since their column only comes out once a week. 

However, this couple had sparked my interest.  It’s rare that anyone has anything negative to say about an upcoming birth so to see the fear in her face over the “twins” I was about to encounter left me wanting to learn more, even if I did think it was all nonsense.  So I spent a little time researching these two personalities that Gemini are known to possess, which at that point led me to believe I had been carrying Sybil around for the last eight months. 

When Mr. Gemini did in fact arrive early enough to avoid being a wussy Cancer I jumped into motherhood and completely forgot about the twins.  But lately, they’ve jumped into the front of my mind again.  Now that we just left the terrible two’s and have entered the torturous three’s I’ve began noticing a glint in my son’s eyes combined with a sly smile that appear when something terrible is about to happen.  For instance, when I was sitting in the front yard last week and out of nowhere I see the look cross his face and suddenly from behind his back a hose appears which he uses to spray me from head to toe.  Or when I saw that look and grin yesterday as he watched his baby brother trying to sit up and he suddenly took off running across the room to push him down. 

Is this the twin?  Is this the evil other that I had been warned about?  If it starts with water and shoves, where does it go next?  At what point should I start saving up bail money?  I spent the night looking up the birthdays of serial killers and other well known criminals.  As of yet I haven’t found a connection but you better believe I’ll be reading that little boys horoscope every day.  Just in case Dear Abby has a warning in there for me.

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