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Friday, June 17, 2011

My Laundry Pile Can Live On!

As I sat pacing my living room floor at 4am this morning holding a screaming five month old who showed no signs of slowing down, I began to ponder life with a nanny.  I’ve always envisioned a nanny as someone who would arrive at my door riding a unicorn and carrying a magic wand that puts children to sleep with just one wave.  Nanny’s were people who lived in a fairytale land and were untouchable to a working mom like myself. 
As the pacing continued I started to think, maybe with so many people out of work right now hiring a nanny could be possible.  We already spend a small fortune on daycare, why not put that money towards full time, round the clock help.  We have an extra bedroom.  Granted giving that room to a nanny would mean that I would actually have to fold the clothes when they come out of the dryer instead of throwing them in a pile on the spare bed until needed.  But that might just be a sacrifice I could make.  And who knows, maybe this magical nanny cleans too!
She would most certainly have to be on night duty.  Morning duty would be great too.  Then I could actually wash, dry AND brush my hair for work, as opposed to the “pick one” method I do now.  I could hit the gym after work like I once did or go out and enjoy happy hour with the girls.  I’ll come home and find my little bundles of joy bathed, fed and ready to kiss me goodnight.  I would actually have my life back. 
That’s it, a nanny is the answer!  She can take the kids to the park and the pool, read them books and do fun arts and crafts.  They can cook together, sing together, take long walks through the woods.  The boys will be in Heaven! 
And then it hit me, having a nanny wouldn’t relieve me from motherhood, it would actually rob me from the most rewarding part of my life.  These small things that seem so inconvenient now are in reality some of the most precious moments I’ll have with my children.  How could I possibly hand that off to someone else?
So I guess I’ll have to keep pacing the floor at night and showing up at work looking like a homeless person.  Happy Hour will continue to consist of trying to throw together a quick healthy (well edible) meal or sipping a glass of wine in between pushes on the swing, and that’s just fine.  Because when he falls off that swing and I’m the only one who can ease his pain it will feel good.
Besides, I really don’t think the dog would have been very happy about a unicorn parked on our front lawn!

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