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Monday, June 27, 2011

After Five Years We Deserve a New Blender

I’ve spent the last half hour going through a friend’s wedding registry looking for a gift for her upcoming shower.  Looking though the pots and pans, dishes, towels, sheets and appliances I think of all the things that I need.  Of course my husband and I did a registry prior to our wedding.  It was actually one of our favorite parts of the whole experience.  When they handed us that gun at Crate & Barrel with the instructions “just point and click on whatever you want,” both of our hearts began racing.  I was literally shaking with excitement as we walked through the store shooting left, shooting right, even pulling off a few behind the back shots.  I literally left dizzy with anticipation of how cool our newlywed home was going to be. 

As soon as we got home I pulled out my computer to remind myself of all the wonderful things we had coming our way.  As I looked at each shiny fork and beautiful spatula I was dazed, until my eye caught the right hand column listing the prices.  I frantically scrolled down the page, looking for items that might actually be realistic to expect from our family and friends.  A pillow for $75 here, sheets for $250 there, a lamp for $299 here, a plate for $75 there.  Now granted, I wasn’t as ambitious as Kim Kardashian and her $165,000 registry, but I knew we had gone a little overboard.  I actually didn’t recall looking at a single price tag that day.  For those three glorious hours we were thinking of no one but ourselves and it was a blast. 

As I landed back into reality I called my husband to the screen and together we deleted our beautiful future away and created a more modest beginning to our marriage.  Maybe had I not gone with the less expensive wine glasses they wouldn’t all be broken now.  Our original choice of towels probably wouldn’t look as ratty as the ones we settled with.  Instead of just a regular cup of Joe in the morning I would be relaxing with a cappuccino in hand each day. 

Five years later many of the gifts that we received for our wedding have been replaced on our own dime.  And so many cool new things for the household have been introduced which we missed out on.  This got me thinking, five years is a long time, do you realize how many marriages don’t even make that five year mark?  This is something to celebrate!  And what better way to celebrate than having a party.  And what better way to congratulate someone at a party than with a gift.  That’s it!  It’s time to start a new type of gift registry.  The five year registry!  Couples who can actually make it that long can re-register to celebrate this joyous occasion and of course to restock up on goodies.  This is brilliant!  How am I the only one who has ever thought of this?  I’m certain I can talk Macy’s into sponsoring my new concept, maybe they will even host the initial kick-off of the five year registry in conjunction with my anniversary party.  Must sign off, need to visit and start my list.  Item #1 WINE GLASSES!   

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